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Sunday, 15 October 2017


Dear Dame
Londoners can sleep easily in their beds knowing that they and their children will be safe from any sudden random acid attack whilst out shopping.


How has Miss Rudd managed to quieten our fears?
Well, from now on those carrying sulphuric or hydrochloric acid COULD end up inside for a few months...Is she quite bonkers?
The foolish Rudd says you will be ok on the first occasion but if caught twice you will get banged up for a couple of months.

Up to April this year there were over 400 acid attacks: most were in the eastern parts of London.

However, the South West of London is now following the trend.
What is the matter with politicians? 
Can they really be so detached from the lives of ordinary people?
It must be all the close protection officers surrounding Rudd that makes her so remote.

Greg Hands is our local MP as well as being Minister for London.
He's sensible and pragmatic. 
He needs to book a meeting with the hopeless Miss Rudd and tell her to use her head.
Her proposal is an encouragement for every psychopath on the streets of London wishing to commit what is tantamount to murder.

Carrying acid should carry ten years with the onus on the carrier to justify possession....and the same with knives....

Respectfully, dear Dame

A law-abiding citizen


  1. and to think this crass and underqualified woman has aspirations to become PM

  2. This government is composed of schoolchildren fighting and squabbling. Banish them

  3. Why 'the second occasion'? This is unbelievably crass. Attacks normally happen on the very first occasion person carries acid. It should the VERY FIRST time without any proper justification, a licence, for example. Punishment must be much harsher? Six months is not enough, This time, and much more, is generally spent in jail on remand. So when this time is taken into consideration at the time of sentencing, the culprit goes free.. Hurrah.. for Dizzy Rudd

  4. Anyone caught carrying acid (or a knife) who can not justify good reason for doing so should be arrested and charged with malicious intent.

    Our prisons are already burgeoning (we have the highest prison population in Western Europe)so some thought needs to be put into the appropriate punishment which should vary from community service for juvenile offenders to custodial sentencing for adult recidivists.

  5. Wet Liberal Democrat15 October 2017 at 12:21

    We should come to an arrangement with East European countries. We pay them £3000 a year to host our violent prisoners. They fill up their empty prison cells and generate a great income stream. Brit prisoners quickly learn a new language...nothing like a Bulgarian prison guard to assist.
    Our violent crime rate drops dramatically as does our need for a prison building programme and we all live happily ever after.

    1. and after completing their sentence and more fluent in Bulgarian than English, remain in Bulgaria. Varna is quite nice a place for summer hols.

  6. Amber's father, Tony, was a crook. Today his daughter would be looking at her dad in clink
    "Norton motorcycle company is believed to be investigating links with Tony Rudd, a controversial financier who has been under intense DTI scrutiny before.

    The Independent has learned that the inquiry appears to stretch far wider than first thought, including to property deals with links abroad.

    Norton, once the pride of British motorcycling, is close to agreeing a refinancing package that could see the relisting of its shares, suspended last year at 18p.
    The DTI says its investigation, begun in January 1991, is at an advanced stage. Its inspectors are now in possession of documents detailing a complex set of deals traced to the family interests of Mr Rudd.

    Mr Rudd's daughter, Amanda, is married to Philippe Le Roux, former Norton chief executive and one of the central figures under investigation. It would be the third time the Rudd family has been connected with DTI inquiries.

    In 1988 Mr Rudd and Gerald Kelly, partners in the stockbroking firm Rowe Rudd which ceased trading in 1981, were described as 'totally unfit to be directors of a company' in a DTI report on the Greenbank investment trust. But they escaped disqualification because the relevant laws were only passed in 1983 and could not apply retrospectively."

    1. so, the daughter should know how to deal with criminals...

  7. You miss the best bit "Mrs Rudd told the conference there had been "an exponential surge in the volume of child sexual abuse referrals" and called on messaging service WhatsApp to help tackle the problem.

    "Our investment will also enable internet companies to proactively search for, and destroy, illegal images in their systems," she said.

    "We want them to start using it as soon as they can." Are the Gov going to pay master corporation tax evaders ,Facebook, to do what they should be doing anyway

  8. Had no idea she is "that" Rudd. Very unfortunate for her. The Tories really need to be careful where they are getting their hoped for high fliers from.

    She is hugely ambitious.

  9. Another fatal stabbing in Fulham. Amber Rudd must be the most ineffectual Home Secretary in modern times. Thank God, she has a majority in the hundred's: it will be good to see the back of her.

    1. In the long run, the electorate gets it right


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