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Friday, 23 September 2011

What A Carve Up-Who's getting what in Tri-Boroughland

It seems the Rotten Borough is losing out to Hammersmith & Fulham in the Tri-Boroughland  carve up- judging from the rumours emanating from £280,000 a year Town Clerk, Mr Myers. He evidently says it's
all part of the cost savings needed to protect front line services. One notices that Mr Myers feels that he does not need to cut his own vast salary package.....nor the £120,000 allowance of his leader.....
We should be asking what deal Miss Brill is going to be on looking after the Exhibition Road Festival-whatever expensive nonsense that might be.


  1. Stop subidising Holland Park Opera and save another £1 million per year.This is what Kensington and Chelsea council taxpayers pumped in last year.

    Tax payer subsidy to this ridiculous indulgence of Cllr Cockell (an opera lover with his "personal" tax payer funded indulgence) has climbed relentlessly since 2002 when the subsidy was £100,000. The subsidy is now £1 million a year and is heading fast for £1.5 million per year.

    Tax payers also forked out a few years ago another £1 million (not included above) to refurbish this ridiculous abuse of tax payers money.

    For opera lovers who may momentarily feel starved of culture , take comfort. A short bus ride away you can find the Royal Opera at Covent Garden (a thumping performance of Faust currently playing) and the Eglish National Opera in Soho (a brilliant young Music Director who brought the final night of the Proms to its feet).

    TWO world class establishments on our doorstop. But not enough for Pooter - he wants his own personal Glyndbourne in the Park

    Pass the sick bag, Tim

  2. Who asked the local people if they wanted a tri borough??


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