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Monday, 5 September 2011

Headless Chickens in Norland coop

The Dame has been chatting to some of her well placed political sources(discreetly, for they don't know her true identity). For the benefit of her devotees she can tell you it is chaos out there.
Mr Spalding, a very well placed source, and closely connected to Der Leader, tells the Dame that the Conservative candidate selection process is a real old muddle.  Anxious to avoid the embarrassment caused selecting a porn star for Brompton Ward Party, Der Leader is taking a personal interest and has removed Louis Vuitton loving agent Mr Frazer-Howells from day to day control. Mr Spalding tells the Dame Der Leader has known for 11 months of the potential by election so has a 'poodle' in mind. Der Leader evidently flew into one of his rages when he heard that J F-H had got the date wrong. Needless to say the ward will have no say at all: it will be in the gift of Der Leader von Cockle.
Not much better in the Labour coop. It seems that they too are short of a candidate and are running around like headless chickens.

left: Labour headless chickens

So what of the Lib Dems? Now that organisational brainbox, Professor Meltzer is no longer around it seems that they too are under stress.

All in all it could be a record low turnout....


  1. Its what happens when democracy is allowed to sink to the all time low that is the hallmark of Cockell's K&C. The few Ward Chairmen surviving are mostly the living dead. Some of the positions have had to be filled by serving councillors.

    It should come as no surprise that apathy is the watchword from residents and local organisations. There is no point making an effort because the system is corrupt and self serving.

    No responsibilty has been devolved from Hornton Street. There is no local participation. Every time a resident group tries to engage in dialogue it gets hammered. Its called a fiefdom.

    Dame, why are you surprised to find headless chickens? It is a great time for new Leadership to emerge, with the central task of rebuilding democracy in K&C. It will take 10 years, but worth every penny of the effort

  2. It seems the borough is running out of upstanding citizens - or at least, of those willing to stand beside those who have stood by and let evil prevail.

    No surprises there, too many bloodied hands in the Cabinet.


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