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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Quizz Time...Who is La Dame Hornet??

That is the question echoing around the hallowed halls of Hornton Towers....
Cllr Palmer was set the task of uncovering the creator of so much embarrassment to councillors and mirth amongst RBKC staff:naturally he failed....
So the Dame, being full of mischief, decided to set up this little quiz. The prizes will be truly glittering. They are...
***A week at Councillor Danny 'Boy' Moylan's stately Thai Pleasure Dome*** and a £900 dinner for two with Der Leader Cockle at his favourite resto, the 10 star Fat Duck, courtesy of the Rotten Borough. Expect to be taken there in the Council's £115,000 V150 litre coach built Bentley behemoth..(use permitted by 'DelBoy' Myers 'to save taxi fares') If you can't bear having to sit opposite Der Leader you can choose your own guest. The Dame is always looking for a 'date'

So who could she be.....
......the widow of an Iranian billionaire Rotten Borough property developer VERY close to certain ex and current councillors?
Or is she a 'lady' at all? Some of her musings are distinctly vulgar and unladylike
Or maybe he/she is an ex worshipful Mayor or perhaps a senior Labour councillor? Who can crack the code? Someone must know. Some have suggested Justin Downs....others, a group of dissident RBKC staff.
Anyway, send a comment with ideas


  1. if someone guesses correctly will you admit it?

  2. Blogs like Hornet only function if those in the know share their information. The "Dame" is therefore a "collective"

    Hornton Street leaks like a holed bucket - and gives life to Hornet!

    Go on Pooter, start a witch hunt......

  3. Dame when you mention my name could you kindly spell it correctly. It is Downes-not Downs.

    Justin Downes

  4. Of course it is a collective. By the way, Cllr.Palmer is now known as "Positive Thinker"!!!

  5. There is nothing positive about Cllr Palmer

    Absolutley nothing

  6. But Dame Hornet, what a terrible idea. It would ruin the days of some 2,000 readers if they knew who you are.

    Please stop this silliness and slink back into the shadows.

    As to the notion of 'The Collective' ... I can imagine who a few of these might be, if true.

  7. Maybe the Dame is Der Leader after a sympathy vote

  8. Mosquito
    You are right....the less we know of the identities of the Dame and her coterie the better


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