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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Royal Borough/ Royal Castle/ Royal Ring

Though herself rather grand-if not just a little common and vulgar-The Dame has many royal connections. Hence the tip off from one of Her Majesty's trusted advisers that the Queen's guard arrested and charged with rape of a pre-teen age girl was part of a very much larger child abuse ring. She is beginning to hear rumours that there is no disconnect between the Royally Rotten Borough and the Royal Castle arrests. It does seem more than a coincidence.
 But let's have no conspiracy theories......please

left: Castle in Royal Berkshire


  1. What do you mean 'What'......

  2. After the distressing news that a third RBKC councillor has had to step down over revelations about his private life; this latest post is appalling! Surely it cannot be true? Yet The Dame's sources are impeccable. The public must wait for further information.


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