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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Great Mysteries

One of the great mysteries 'de nos jours' is how Cllr Danny 'Boy' Moylan can afford his super luxury Thai Pleasure Dome. The Dame is rich and vulgar, but even her multi million pound beach side villa looks like a gardeners's cottage in comparison to the Moylan Estate. Now we know that he is well rewarded by Boris(don't you mean by us? Ed) but surely this sort of property is normally the preserve of the uber rich?

left: a typical flashy Thai villa

 Anyway, the Dame is humble enough to admit to the deadly sin of envy and is now seriously considering applying to Mr Frazer-Howells for the position of cllr for Norland.
But turning to more serious matters... readers will remember that Danny 'Boy' likes to do his R&R in balmy Thailand. That means, unlike the rest of us proles who use the internet, he has DHL
deliver his bits and bobs by courier. This cost RBKC taxpayers the thick end of £4,000. The Dame hopes that this practice has now ceased. It is an outrageous waste of money and should be paid for by Tfl-not RBKC...or preferably not all. After all, he is clearly rich enough to pay for it himself.


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