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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Abuse of RBK&C Email Server

Abuse of the Council server has been the downfall of two councillors. It has also landed Cllr Palmer before the Standards Committee for it's abuse promoting his 'business'. So one would have thought that he might be wary of becoming the subject of yet another expensive complaint to the
Committee and a referral for more councillor training. But it seems not.
A senior officer has let a contact of the Dame know that very recently Palmer circulated an email to Majority Group colleagues making serious, unfounded and unproven observations about From the Hornets Nest.
FTHN is a politically independent information source for residents. It may take a controversial stance on issues but that is the nature of politics. In the absence of any effective opposition it functions as a whistleblower and is thus vital to local democracy. For Cllr Palmer to abuse a taxpayer funded facility in this way is nothing short of scandalous: clearly his last visit to the Committee taught him nothing.
Once the Dame has located the email she will be passing it to a supporter. It is clear that Palmer has yet again put himself in a situation where he becomes of interest to the Standards Committee.
If his Leader cannot control him then it falls to residents to step in


  1. If Palmer is breaking the regulations, he must be punished, according to the regulations. If the Council's Standards Committee cannot enforce the regulations, they should stand down as they are betraying the taxpayers' trust just as much as the wrongdoer


  2. Is there no discipline in Hornton Street? Are there no rules about the use of taxpayer equipment? Is Derek Myers doing his job?

    Questions need to be asked

    Are the Liberals and Labour councillors in a coma!


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