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Saturday, 17 September 2011

No More Scandal please

The Dame hears that Shireen Ritchie is stepping down from the Cabinet. An important part of her job was overseeing child protection in the Borough.
It is quite clear that the resignations of three councillors requires that Graham Taylor be given responsibility for ensuring her successor is cleared as someone safe to have contact with children.
Three councillor resignations in just a year is not just bad luck and the Dame hears that other councillors are not immune from tendencies in this direction. No more unpleasant surprises please von Cockle


  1. The Dame is seldom misinformed, but I must correct her this time. Before doing so, may I say how very sad everyone was to hear that Councillor Baroness Ritchie had been seriously unwell and has been virtually on leave of absence for some while. We wish her a speedy recovery. Your sensitivity in not referring to this is typical of the Dame’s tact and discretion. Sadly she has announced her intention to give up her chairmanship of the LGA Children and Young People Programme Board. But I know that your readers will be relieved to hear that she is not, in fact, intending to renounce her cabinet position in the Rotten Borough, with all that would have meant in terms of loss of her councillor’s special responsibility allowance.

  2. So in other words she is not giving up the real bunce-smart lady!

  3. It is the custom in the private sector that when a person can no longer do the job they stop doing it and stop getting paid to do it.

    A different set of rules seems to apply in Hornton Street. Friends of Cockell continue to get their huge patronage payments at his discretion.

    Time for this rotten system to be swept away.


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