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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Plaudit from the Dame....

The Dame was inspired by the example of Chris Butler and his fantastic work to look at others in our Borough who need a pat on the back. Now before anyone says the Dame favours Labour-forget it. She favours any councillor who gets out there and works hard for her community. If the truth be known the Dame could be... 'an old fashioned Tory', but she loves to see local politicians genuinely doing the best to help those who put them in power. Sadly, certain of our local politicians seem to be just calculating how much they can garner in allowances and kudos(yes, Herr von Cockle the Dame is looking at you!) However, having said that there are many Conservative and Lib Dem cllrs who share the same qualities as Cllr Emma Dent Coad. Cllr Dent Coad has just sent this link to the Dame. The Dame loves to shop and eat, particularly in areas of town she rarely ventures to. She was greeted by an amazingly well produced(and beautifully drawn) website telling her where to go in Golbourne. It is truly excellent and the Dame encourages you to use it and send on the link to friends.  Well done Cllr and all of those who put it together.


  1. Dear Dame Hornet

    You make me blush - however will I salvage my reputation after two mentions in a week?

    There are indeed many others who have pitched in for little or no reward - they know who they are! It takes a lot of thought and effort to create something so user-friendly and apparently simple, so I will pass on your praise to them.

    Cllr Mason is also beavering away on a huge programme of events to boost visitors and bolster the community. It will all appear on the website of course.

  2. Credit where Credit's due!
    Do you suppose they are rewarded by the powers that be?

    How would it be to naintain a Hotnet's Fertiliser List for everybody we could do without, aan a Dame's Honours list, ti hightight the behaviours we feel should be admired and encouraged?



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