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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Councillor 'Driveller' Palmer fails skills test

Sad news from the officer responsible for training errant councillors.
Cllr Palmer was accused by the Standards Committee of the very serious offence of failing to declare his business interests. Very soon this will be a criminal offence, however fortunately for the Driveller his penalty was just a severe rap over the knuckles.
Now the irony of it all is that the company he failed to declare is It's declared objective is to train councillors in what they can or cannot do. So this is a case of 'healer heal thyself' as clearly Palmer, deliberately or not, did not adhere to this basic rule. And yet he intends to charge people for his training skills.....
Anyway, the officer responsible for training and rehabilitating Palmer is driven to despair claiming that he just cannot get Palmer to pass his training skills exams. Evidently, Palmer has been forced to stay on 'after school'. He has even made him sit in a corner but to no avail

left: a shamed looking Cllr Palmer


  1. Obviously Cllr Palmer's company (Training Councillors how to be effective) had little or no impact on his Conservative colleagues in Hornton Street.

    I wonder how much K&C tax payers money was spent on this little earner? Or "Insider Trading" as the Serious Fraud Office would categorise it

  2. Apparently full use of the Members' Room facilities - PC, printer, photocopier and paper - to prepare his presentations; use of Council meeting rooms to deliver his presentations to fellow councillors and senior Council staff; also officers were urged to attend these presentations as well - and probably not in their own time. So some Council tax payers' money was utilised.

  3. Snotty little fellow on the make

  4. Let us be clear. This is a serving Tory councillor using the Members Room to run his Internet business and availing himself of facilities provided by the tax payer. This is not what representative democracy is supposed to be about.

    It is another part of Cockell's dustbin Conservative administration that requires a huge clean out

  5. Dustbin administration indeed! 08.53

    I suspect that you are indulging in some party political rhetoric from the Kremlin in Golborne Ward.

    It is not enough for you to snipe on the side lines. You and your colleagues need to agitate for much needed change in what you describe as a dustbin administartion. The signs are manifest, even for the blind.

    Cockell approves Chief Executive Myers £250k/yr salary plus pension. Say £300k per year. Myers approves Cockell's use of the Bentley to travel to and from Heathrow in style in order "to save Taxi fares".

    Its called mutuality - much practised by corrupt administrations

  6. If what Flea says is correct, then local taxpayers have been or indeed still are subsidising Cllr. Palmer's business ventures - and this is apparently not the first time he has tried from the inside to break into the lucrative world of local government entrepreneurialism. When a Labour councillor attempted something similar, that councillor was required to resign. So there is one rule for the Opposition and a quite different one for Conservative councillors.


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