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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mr Frazer-Howells calls the Dame about a Norland nanny

Mr Frazer-Howells called the Dame using his Louis Vuitton encrusted(yes, it is an odd looking instrument) telephone.
 'Dame, I am happy to announce that Der Leader von Cockle has appointed Catherine Faulks as candidate for Norland'. Trilling happily away, he went on to say how excited they were to have a 'celebrity candidate'. The Dame had to point out to the silly boy that being sister in law to the talented and extremely charming Sebastian did not make her a 'celeb': what a waste of time....Jonathan was not listening, being excited beyond reason. He and Der Leader can't wait to inveigle themselves into the Kensington literary salons. The Dame asked whether the Norland Ward chairman had met Catherine. With a giggle Jonathan replied, 'Don't be silly Dame, of course not,what's it got to do with him?'

Left: Catherine is next to bro-in-law Sebastian.


  1. Will Mrs. Faulkes's first campaigning action be to get the lovely 228 bus, that takes poor people to hospital, banned from the posh enclaves of Upper Ladbroke Grove, as her family attempted when it was first introduced?

  2. Cockell seems determined to continue with his policy of seleceting candidates with middle class credentials and family notoriety. Young and bright, and primarily interested in a stepping stone to Westminster. And able to brag at Kensington dinner parties "oh, I am a councillor - its a gas"

    And of course Pooter builds his social contacts.

    I hope the candidate knows a few residents in Norland and knows her way around, the issues, etc

    It would have been so nice to have a local person, around 50 yrs of age, from no particular "familly" or Tatler page, well known in the community, respected by the Ward Committee, and familiar with the issues

    But of course Cockell has killed democracy as he steadily built his fiefdom. The rot needs to be rooted out by a new Leader with the vision to rebuild representative democracy in Kensington and Chelsea

  3. North of Holland Park9 September 2011 at 09:47

    08.48, of course Catherine (Kate to her friends) does not know where Norland Ward is. How infra dig

    But her credentials are impeccable. As a child she had a Norland Nanny

    Privately, her family not too taken by Pooter - another good omen

  4. Its a "safe" Tory seat due to the overwhelming apathy of the voters - and the few who turn out do so on the pavlovian tendency.

    Cockell could nominate a panda and it would take its seat in Hornton Street

    It is all terribly sad

  5. Is a CV available for this candidates?

    What is known about her?

  6. Thank goodness they managed to select a woman this time - much safer, given what's been going on!

  7. Dear Wasp, the candidate does NOT have middle class credentials. She is way above that ... and way above the poshest of our existing titled Cllrs.

    I can't imagine why she is bothering with this silliness. Maybe she is bored.

  8. Having read the previous comments I find find myself filled with... I don't quite know what, perhaps with horror, or maybe with disgust. But then I am a denizen of the wilderness to the North of Norland, home to the so-called Feral Underclass.

    Just imagine how it might be if the Feral Underclass were capable of genuine revolutionary thought and action. Just imagine if they were capable of more than the occasional impotent spasm of helpless rage. What then, one wonders..........

  9. 00.34
    The "feral underclass" may be closer to insurrection than you believe.

  10. 08.12, I hardly think so. From what we hear they are still running round trying to work out where the ward boundaries are.

    They were caught on the hop, and are still hopping.


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