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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hill House School Nightmare Parking

The Dame has had more complaints from residents in Hans Place. It seems our Council prefers to generate revenue by ticketing overstays rather than controlling irresponsible and dangerous double and treble parking caused by Hill House School parents. The Daily Mail reports today 

This is the scene outside Wheelers Lane Primary School in Birmingham, during and after the school run. From The Daily Mail

But now Council officials in the Billesley suburb of the city plan to target those who park badly with a £70 fine to tackle the congestion, and the anti-social behaviour said to go with it, outside the school gates. 

Thanks to the completely ineffectual headmaster of Hill House School residents of Hans Place look set to have to endure a similar form of nightmare as anti social parents park chaotically whilst delivering and collecting their children. Despite constant complaints the Council do nothing. A senior City figure took the trouble to remind the Dame that RBKC has form in doing nothing about that breed of other anti social foreigners who have sadly made London their home. Read all about them here and see the similarity.

The daily danger to children is obvious as they dart through the illegal parkers to find their parents. All other schools employ staff to ensure parents behave considerately: sadly Mr Townend, and his tubby son William, wash their hands of any responsibility for the chaos their school creates.

Come on Mr Townend...with the vast fees you charge surely you can emulate the socially responsible example of your neighbouring schools? Or are you too mean to spend the money.
How different to the founder of Hill House, Colonel Townend. Both children and parents had a healthy respect for this great educationalist. Step out of line and you were in serious trouble. A complaint from a resident would be dealt with rapidly and effectively.




  1. Thank you Dame for highlighting these issues. I know that Mr Downes of Residents First has complained endlessly about the danger and disruption but the Council seem reluctant to upset the Townends. It does not set a good example. I have seen traffic backed up all the way to my flat in the north part of Hans Place caused by selfish parents. Come on Hill House and the Council. Get a grip.

  2. Its a waste of time calling on the Council for action. The important parents of Hillhouse sprogs have already had a quiet word with Cockell to "lay off" if he knows what is good for him

    Our Uriah Heap of course wrings his hands, bobs, and shuffles at the first sighting of a VIP

  3. What you're justifiably complaining about will be nothing compared with the disruption caused by the consequences of the Olympic Route Network on RBKC's roads in July/August 2012.

    For the proposed changes, please see:

    Will Cockle be one of the select few, who will be endowed with tickets (gratis) for the Olympics and also be able to use his tax payer funded Bentley on the Olympic Route Network at the expense of the everyday Joe going about his work and business?

    The Olympics are nothing but a jolly for the lads and contracts for the boys.

  4. yes, because his mate Delboy Myers has decreed that Cockle can use the £115k Bentley to 'save taxi fares'.
    Cockle and Myers treat us with utter contempt grabbing as much as they can for themselves

  5. Why not get The Standard to come and take some pictures of the chaos. Maybe that will embarrass the school, the Council and the parents.
    What an appalling anti social example for the children. Having been told to be law abiding they see that it does not apply to them!!

  6. And now Hill House are actively promoting congestion by requiring parents to wait for an hour or more when picking up children - either requiring two or more pick ups per familiy or a double parked car for an hour. Shame they seemed to have abandoned their policy of children wait for parents?

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