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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Self important Der Leader in Wilkipedia

Der Leader has decided that he is now self important enough to warrant a self serving/ self generated entry in Wilkipedia.
Clearly educational/professional qualifications eluded von Cockle so he has decided to embroider things by inferring that he had some sort of glittering, dynamic and profitable career as a international trader.
The truth is somewhat mundane: he ran a 2 man biz in the bowels of the offices of the K&C Conservative offices in Manor Street and relies on taxpayer's largessse for his £122k a year income
Would anyone tempted to edit his entry kindly refrain Link

left: jet setting international trader


  1. I see that Peter Barshall Ltd who Cockell was a director was wound up and then Abingdon Cockell went the same way. Clearly the man is a top flight businessman-I don't think....
    Local Guy

  2. Can't the Dame correct Cockell's Wikipaedia entry? If it's not true, and someone knows what the truth is, wouldn't that person have a civic duty to set the record straight?


  3. David
    Why should the Dame. She seems already to do enough. Anyone can amend the entry
    Local Guy

  4. Dame may I ask that you are more respectful to Dear Leader. He is not to be referred to as ‘von Cockle’. He is in fact the scion of a distinguished Austro-Hungarian dynasty and should be referred to by his rightful title, which is Sir Count von Cockle.

  5. The Dame stands corrected...She has just asked her man Phelps to verify the pedigree of the von Cockle family using a rather dusty copy of Gotha.
    It appears that the von Cockle's are a Austro Hungarian family of great antiquity anhd eminence.
    Research Aide to La Dame
    Island of Capri

  6. Googling right across the German speaking lands reveals nothing about anyone called "von Cockle". Your genealogist needs to up his game. Phelps of course would always mislead. And although the Leader has no qualifications [he went to a rather strange school in Surrey that was closed down and has a "survivors' network"], he has more than made up for that through extensive mentoring from some extremely distinguished members of the British American Project.

  7. I have asked the Dame to dispense with ex Cllr and Worshipful Mayors' services.She does find him useful for advising her on where to hide her vast offshore income. Cllr Phelps knows about these things. The Dame is unsurprised by the need for a survivor' network at Pierrepoint School, Der Leader's Alma Mater. Presumably it was run by the last hangman, Albert Pierrepoint.
    Turning to British American Project....
    This strange org. also counts Cllrs Moylan and Lightfoot as trustees. The other connection is that Tribal PLC, which benefits from major RBKC contracts has been very generous to BAP, though that would never influence our trusty cllrs.
    The Dame's Legal Eagle

  8. More self promotion by Cockell.

    It is not acceptable, the way that he runs Hornton Street as a private fiefdom, recruiting new councillors on the basis of people who will help him to further his career or expand his (avaricious) social circle.

    And using patronage (SRA Allowances) to "reward" his circle.

    It stinks

  9. The best Phelps's assistant can come up with is Ludwig Alois Ferdinand Ritter (i.e. "Sir") Von Koechel, the Austrian who catalogued the works of Mozart and became famous for the "k" numbers - "K" of course being shorthand for "knight" in the UK! So not a count after all, just a "Ritter" - if indeed this is the Leader's ancestor. But why the flight to Africa some years before the birth of the Leader, which was only 12 years after the War?

  10. He must be bitter just being a ritter

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