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Monday, 26 September 2011

Fielding Mellen goes viral in Leadership bid

As part of his 'grooming' to take over the Leadership of the Rotten Borough young Rock FM was delegated by Der Leader to do a video introduction to the Borough Annual Report.
The Dame being a busy soul could only spare a few minutes to see how the Young Pretender got on: she has to say it was not an Oscar winning performance.

left: Cllr Fielding Mellen, The Young Pretender

The poor chap looked quite ill at ease as he addressed the resident masses on how their hard earned cash was being wasted on vast allowances and $400 dinners a deux for his boss, Der Leader,  and hundreds of thousands of pounds a year on the bottomless pit that is Holland Park Opera. Now we understand that, being German, Der Leader likes a bit of Wagner but should we all have to subsidise his cultural pretensions?
Anyway, for those who want to see the young FM trying to pull the wool over our eyes here's the link


  1. This is another indication that Cockell is grooming "Rock" to take over from him now that ill health has cast Cllr Ritchie aside. She had been Pooter's favourite candidate.

    We see an effete young man with no experience of life introducing an annual report that is more usually the Chairman's job. Councillors need to ask what this man does in life, what ground has he covered, what lessons has he learned, what are his political acheivments? Certainly there is no sign of gravitas. Forsce feeding is one thing, but Cockell is insulting his colleagues with this blatant gesture.

    Ahern, Colleridge and Paget-Brown (Pretenders to the throne) had better wise up to the fact that they need to strike before they become memory figments.

    Time for a Leadership bid

  2. Oh no, Dame Hornet, that was so cruel, I nearly wet myself laughing! Is his voice actually breaking as he speaks? Bless.

    Can someone put it on youtube?

  3. This video backfires badly

    Harold MacMillan liked the Elder Statesman approach for his "fireside" chats. With all the props - comfy armchairs, soft table lamps etc. But this is not appropriate for fresh faced public school boys. A few words during a soccer break, or time off from a woodworking class, might have worked better for the video.

    Two lessons. Rock needs some political common sense. When a poisoned chalice like this comes his way, even from Pooter, he needs the guts and political sense to say "NO"

    And Pooter's PR team (£2 million per year) need to raise their game and avoid disasters like this.

    Dear Rock, apart from you and Cockell (and thanks to publicity on this blog) there are now 39 Conservative councillors writhing with envy, disgust and jealousy after viewing your video. This is not the stuff of votes.

    Didnt you learn that fundamental lesson at school? Creeps never get on and favourites get stuffed.....

  4. What a pathetic way to try and manipulate opinion in the Town Hall.

    Cockell's Leadership style has been characterised by 14 years of management by poodle control. Yappers cringing with their SRA's or hoping for them.

    Now we see the use of new technology on the Council website (video by the nominated favourite) to leapfrog long serving councillors - some of them with quality and ability (Not Cllr Fraser)

    If councillors cannot see through this Putin style bid for ongoing power by Pooter then Hornton Street is in a sad state

  5. Ms Fielding Mellen (Australia)26 September 2011 at 18:32

    Darling Rock
    I havnt the money to phone but so glad that you are being lined up for the Leadership of K&C. This is FABULOUS


  6. Ms Fielding Mellen (Australia) said...
    Darling Rock
    I havnt the money to phone but so glad that you are being lined up for the Leadership of K&C. This is FABULOUS


    Local Dissident
    With posh family Totty like daarling Ms Fielding Mellen calling from her gap year in Oz Rock FM needs no enemies! Priceless!!!

  7. I think there has been a mix-up on the Council's website, isn't this Rocky's audition tape for the next series of "Made in Chelsea"?

  8. One sharp councillor told me that Der Leader sensed that Rock was getting to big for his boots and was 'set up' by Der Leader knowing that he would become a laughing stock. If it is so it shows the utter duplicity of Der Leader.

    A friend of Peter Malman

  9. All this talk of RockFM gives me a headache.

  10. OK, so i followed the link and watched the clip.

    what a complete dickhead

  11. Watch Cllr Feilding-Mellen’s video introduction to the Report:


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