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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


In the harsh, unforgiving world of private enterprise the price of failure is a hard boot up the backside, but not in the weird world of Boris Johnson.....

Danny 'Boys' Moylan has screwed up every job he has ever been given. 
It took just a few months for the other member of the Olympic Legacy committee to ease him out and the word is that as Aviation Adviser he alienated most of the MP's and other influencers he attempted to lobby.

But his new appointment 'overseeing' the Second Crossrail scheme is all about income replacement and the curious hold he has over the Mayor.

The Dame has reported that Moylan has managed to machinate his way into non exec directorships with both Crossrail and TfL grossing him close to £60,000 a year and a further £75,000 as Aviation Adviser.
Then are other scraps such as his £11,000 a year for being an absentee councillor on K&C....all in all around £150,000 a year. And we must not forget the c £30,000 he gets as non exec of the two failed property trusts.

Not bad for a man who failed in every job Boris gave him.
But now we need to know what more he is being given in this new job.
The Dame calculates that his income could now be over £190,000 a year!
Who says there is no money being a little local councillor!


  1. Is Boris secretly gay? We know Fatty Moylan is so could they be........
    Perish the disgusting thought!

    1. Daniel is incredibly slim now - he has been on a very strict 5:2 regime for many months.

      Sadly, Crossrail 2 used to be called the Chelsea-Hackney Line. Given that Cllr. Moylan will have to support a Crossrail 2 station at the Battersea Power Station development - and this will rule out any station in King's Road - the Chelsea element has already died an unceremonious death. Cllr Coleridge continues to keep the faith, but his pronouncements increasingly lack conviction.

  2. It is hard to believe that this gravy train continues to flow for Moylan. Where is the bang for the buck?

  3. No 10.06, not gay but very very vain. And Moylan is the King of Flattery.

  4. Supporter of Moylan17 September 2014 at 12:28

    A message for all the trolls on Hornet. Cllr Moylan keeps getting all these high paid jobs because he is good. Very good. Simple as that.

    1. Try telling that to those he tried to influence on the daft Boris Island idea. They all thought him a charmless and none too competent arsehole(with apologies to all least they have a proper function).
      Or the other Committee members on the Olympic Legacy...they soon booted him out. Is that your definition of doing a good job?
      Even couldn't even win a pathetic local council leadership battle because they all though him a prize C**t

    2. 12.28, or shall we say 'Matthew Palmer', it is really sweet how you leap to your master's defence. Sweet, but also a little bit creepy. You, of course, are King of Trolls. What a charming couple you make.

    3. Moylan gets moved on because he is bad. Really bad. Starting with South Africa

  5. THE DUKE OF SLOANE17 September 2014 at 21:41

    Moylan looks quite odd in his new slimmed down personage....maybe better before.
    But pig's ears and silk purses come to mind......

  6. I have always thought Moylan to be a man of Spartan tastes. Maybe it is time for him to get out and concentrate on his "special interests" in Thailand.


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