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Monday, 8 September 2014


It seems old pseud, Andy Bradley-who RBK&C feels is worth wasting our money on-has got into a panic over the adverse publicity from health care professionals.
In a futile attempt at damage limitation he has been advised by councils to have meetings with healthcare professionals. 
As they think him a total joke the meeting should be fun.
How about holding it at the Town Hall Andy? 
We can then YouTube you coming over ' all genuine'.......

You will note that he only wants 'genuine' questions.....

Here goes, Andy...and no doubt others will have more.

1. Why have you refused to answer Mr Downes's 'genuine' letter about your connections to Brahma Kumaris and Janki Foundation

2. Why did you tell the Chief Executive of RBK&C that your company, F4C had no connection with Brahma Kumaris when your company has used their facilities and praised them

3. Do you think it ethical that your fees were paid for from an emergency NHS budget

4. Do you think it ethical that Julia Patton was responsible for appointing you and then subsequently joined your team?

5. What professional qualifications do you hold which validate your demands for large fees for teaching about compassion.


  1. Straightforward questions demand straight answers.

  2. Do you believe you could be invited to be a 'Key Note' Speaker at a College of Social Work or Kings Fund event and not get boo-ed off for talking 'pure bollocks' within five minutes ? The BK's & Janki Foundation lectures are easy 'cos they are used to this kind of trite shite.

    Come on Andy - answer a 'genuine question' - from someone who had to attend your Compassionate Practitioner Course, held at the Lighthouse W11 1QT.

    Do you still think me stupid or incompetent !!

  3. So, i come across this the other day and found it all very interesting. But reading back through your various posts over the last few days you seem to have it in for this Mr Bradley. Ok, so i have a few questions, as i'd like to take this blog seriously but im having a hard time in grasping the very legitimacy of this blog and its contributors.
    1. what proof do you have that this kamaris lot are a cult?
    2. On research Mr Bradly seems to be a bit a mover and shaker and comes very highly recommended by many various upstanding, local governments, individuals, and organisations, there are just too many to mention. So what evidence do you have that he and this organisation are part of this kamara or cult?
    3. and this is the question that is getting me, how can you make such statements and hope they hold or can be taken as fact when you disclaim your entire blog :"You can be certain that the Dame NEVER divulges her sources."? unless you are dealing with state secrets you can't go around making such accusations when you cannot prove your source, story or anything for that matter.
    Ok so there are a few tweets alluding to a once held conversation, between these guys or at best an attempted affiliation, started by which party is something you have not cited.

    my point here is this entire topic of these kamara guys and bradley, along with many other posts on here are just rants and will stay as rants since you fail to prove any of your statements with hard facts, sources or anything of weight at all. Not just this topic but many others on this at time hilarious blog.

    Please do answer my questions, prove me wrong, but PROOF seems to be the choice word here.

    1. With respect your second point - "On research Mr Bradly seems to be a bit a mover and shaker and comes very highly recommend...." Was it your intension to say Mr Bradley is a bit mover and shaker or, that he appears to be one of the movers and shakers within the Health & Care professions ?

      Having carried out my own (brief) research into Mr Bradley's background, qualifications or his professional standing within the Health & Social Care communities, I would wholeheartedly agree with the former. However, if you were intending to express the latter, that would appear to be just a little far fetched.

  4. STUPID PERSON WATCHER9 September 2014 at 17:03

    You don't sound terribly's Brahma Kumaris. If you knew how to spell their name it might you google them and discover a bit more about their unpleasant reputation. As you are a mate of Bradley perhaps you might supply the details of "the many various upstanding, local governments, individuals, and organisations, there are just too many to mention." Once you have done so we might be in a position to take you seriously. As it is your comment will remain what it is: a pathetic, ill educated piece of nonsense which Andy Guru put you up to writing!

    1. Woah! no need for instant insults! Who's the uneducated one? very ignorant of you that you have to go straight to insulting rather than bringing forth valid arguments in response my my very valid questions! No points to you in proving you're a reliable source of information from a true journalistic point of view, so far just an angry troll shouting insults from behind a computer screen. Very clever of you! . You have again made unfounded assumptions but this time about my comments, my agenda and hilariously my person. So once again you prove that this "blog" is just contrived BS from an angry troll. I find it shocking that you cannot answer my questions with these novel things called factual answers, guess you've not heard of these yet. instead you come with a barrage of insults, assumptions and general horribleness, uneducated he implies? hilarious. I do not know bradley at all, (another unchecked assumption) in fact i only ever heard of him on this site (which im trying really hard to take seriously, especially after your response) a few days ago. I'm just trying to find out the truth, but now i'm starting to really think that facts and truth are a concept you have no notion of. Again you step ever closer towards the camp of "i have no clue what the hell im talking about". I am in fact a very concerned resident of the royal borough who was looking for a public voice and help, so that i can make contact and discuss what our local government is doing behind closed doors with other worried members in my community & with a disabled child just i came here initially looking to find out what the future hold for my son, keeping in mind the cuts that continue to effect him especially with transport as you said. It was your post on Councillor Campbell that initially brought me here. But all you have done here is highlighted that you are intact an angry troll/trolls who hide behind anonymity. So with one reply to my comment you have done me and anyone else who is reading this a favor, if you want facts, answers or informative answers to your concerns about the state of the community we live in, this is NOT the place to come. My experience: Contrived unfounded BS and if you question the status-quo prepare yourself for insults, accusations and general trolling. Thanks for helping out and answering my questions, the main one being "should i take this blog seriously?" Well, NO!
      The search continues.
      You should really answer peoples genuine concerns and not go into insulting your fellow community members, you angry infantile person/s
      As for the links to the recommendations for this gentleman (andy) all you have to do is Google his company any link in the first 10 pages will provide you the facts you seem to constantly miss...and you call me ill educated.

    2. A sad attempt to make light of Mr Bradley's association with the BKWSU (The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University); importantly I believe you will need to specify your 'research' that concludes that Mr Bradly "..... seems to be a bit a mover and shaker and comes very highly recommended by many various upstanding, local governments, individuals, and organisations...." too many to mention here. Please give us all just one genuine endorsement from a Local Government, NHS or upstanding individual/organisation who thinks Mr Bradley is a "mover & shaker within Health or Social Care (save from his supporter within the RBK&C or the Tri-Borough.

      And.... finally, to Anonymous 16:12 on 9 September 2014 am I actually addressing Mr Bradley himself ? If so please, become authentic or reveal yourself as you truly are, at best a Microphone Soul or 'front' for the BKWSU and if not...... then what are you ?

      The Messiah or just a very naughty boy ?

  5. What a wanker this Bradley guy looks like

  6. Apart from it's spurious message, Alan Bradley's lecturing technique is very poor. Rather than being on a spiritual journey to the sublime, he comes across as having been at the spirits that come in bottles.

    Yet the council still threw our money at him!

  7. Want to know just how much is being thrown at him? The amount of work he has undertaken on the most recent project is as follows. This is just for his so called "Compassionate Leader" work which used NHS Winter Pressure funds. The sections are lifted directly from the material supplied to the one Council member who asked questions about the legitimacy of F4C. It was compiled by Cath Attlee Tri Borough Whole Systems Lead in Adult Social Care & copied to the RBKC legal dept.

    April 4th 2014

    "Events held
    March 11th 2014
    Launch event for Care Home Managers - attended by 32 people from 15 provider organisations across 3 boroughs plus representation from Local Authority & Health safeguarding & commissioning teams.
    Quotes - What will you do as a result of today’s session?
    Take better care of myself and promote the same in my team
    Listen more, ask & thank others
    Take time out for myself to think and plan.
    Self compassion
    Compassion is the route to pursue and today was the beginning

    March 12th 2014
    Culture & Compassion - attended by 13 people representing CSU & TriB Commissioners, Placement Officers, Mental Health assessors, Continuing Care, Local authority & Health contracts & safeguarding.
    Quotes What will you do as a result of today’s session?
    Encourage others to start Compassion Circles
    Make small changes, look after myself better
    Implement practices in meetings
    Take time to reflect before meetings
    Be mindful of compassion in all areas of my life
    Make meeting I chair more compassionate

    March 21st 2014
    Culture & Compassion - attended by 21 people representing same group as above plus C&W Nurse Consultant, CLCH,Westminster Learning Disability Partnership and Tri B Procurement.
    Quotes What will you do in partnership working?
    Change communication style, focus on dialogue not discussion
    Show appreciation for front line staff & managers
    Be less quick to judge, listen to their reality
    Be more curious of service users experience
    Review meeting styles, often too long and not productive
    Review staff levels - is their room for compassion to grow?
    Show more leadership.
    Its free, what costs is when space is not allowed for questions & thinking

    Whats next
    May - June 2014
    Compassionate Leadership in Care Homes - 4 day Training (run 3 times)
    Applications received from 39 managers & deputies of residential & nursing homes for older people and people living with learning or physical disabilities plus 7 places for representatives from safeguarding and commissioning teams.
    17th July 2014 13.00 - 17.00
    Celebration Event - Share success stories from new Compassionate Leaders following the programme. Hear from those who use services about any changes to their daily lives and quality of care received following this project. Enable others to understand, hear, see and feel the benefits of this project in improving the lives of those working in and in receipt of Health & Social Care.

    "Additional Work being undertaken nationally by Frameworks 4 Change
    Frameworks 4 Change are committed to contributing to more consistently compassionate care in the NHS. In this context they are working with NHS England on the spread of compassion circles, are talking to the CQC about safety and compassion and have worked with Acute and Mental Health NHS Trusts on Compassionate Leadership and systemic change."

    As to the funding, the information from Cath Attlee includes the following:

    "Funding for this programme has come from the three Clinical Commissioning Groups and amounts to £55,000 of which £40,000 is for Frameworks 4 Change and the remainder for the administration of the programme. The programme has been commissioned through Westminster but is being undertaken across tri-borough. It commenced in December 2013 and will be completed in July 2014."

    Please note the claims to being in discussions with the CQC. The Chief Inspector of Social Care is adamant that the CQC do NOT endorse this company.

  8. An outrageous waste of taxpayers' money. Off with their heads!

  9. Retired Chief Exeutive11 September 2014 at 07:42

    22.07 reports a picture that is a total waste of money and a fundamental failure of management. In a well functioning organisation, questions such as "What will you do as a result of today's session?" and "Take time out for myself to think and plan" is the what good managers are supposed to do with their staff. It is called "mentoring" and "staff development".

    The basic function of a manager is to build and develop teams. This means choosing people who can work well together and paying attention to, and helping, individuals who need improvement/development in their daily interactions with fellow workers and clients. Bureaucracies often lose their way and managers get deflected into playing organisation politics. And then consultants need to be brought in to try and carry out basic management functions.

    I fear we have the signs of a dysfunctional organisation in Hornton Street.

  10. Clear signs of an organisation that is not functioning well and managers not doing their job. This needs to be fixed by the Chief Executive, Mr Holgate, who needs to get a grip. Management is not a natural strength for ex Treasury Civil Servants (where Mr Holgate came from) - where they employ the brightest and the organisation functions on autopilot. Local Government is a different kettle of fish. Basics cannot be taken for granted. And Leader Paget-Brown needs to tell his Chief Executive that this is no time to be wasting tax payers money on freaks like Bradley. The managers in Hornton Street need to raise their game

  11. Cracking stuff!


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