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Sunday, 28 September 2014



The Dame is puzzled.

She has just received this press release from Parkwood Hall School.
It quotes the chairman of the Board of Governors expressing delight the school's residential provision can continue after it becomes a Foundation school.

So why is the silly old Dame puzzled? 

Maybe because the school, with no PR team, can put out a statement whilst Mr Fitzpatrick's £450,000 a year 'hot shot' PR team seem unable....
Then she remembered....maybe they were "all hands to the pump", writing a press release 'celebrating' a 'UFO landing in a car park' or one announcing a new 'frog trail' in Holland Park.
It would be very foolish if the Council attempted to overturn the decision of the Adjudicator: after all it was it not the council who originally referred the school to his office?

Mr Bob Walkington, Chair of Governors, commented: 
“Parkwood Hall Special School helps children from London and the South East who have moderate and/or severe learning difficulties and autism to achieve their full potential and to learn to be as independent as possible through its excellent day and residential learning.  We are pleased that the Adjudicator has approved our plans to become a Foundation Trust and to work with our partners for the benefit of our current and future pupils’ education.”  

Could this have been driving the Council's determination to thwart the School's ambitions to detach itself from the council


  1. Great detective work by the Dame. The property developers in Hornton Street are obviously playing their devious game and abusing Council powers to try and do top end residential development in affluent Sevenoaks. Nothing above board and transparent - just the usual submarine activity. But this time the crooked Officers and Councillors have been rumbled.

    Amazing that they even get endorsements from the K&C Committee system. The corruption and destruction of democracy in the Royal Borough is beyond staggering

    1. More huffing from Scribe. We are getting tired of it


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