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Saturday, 13 September 2014


The Dame is quite un-partisan and welcomes opposing views...

​"A mediocrity designed by a nobody for a client with no taste and nothing but disdain for those they are here to serve."

Dear Dame,

There are a few people on the Sutton Estate who have believed Affinity Sutton's promise of a wonderful new home for themselves and have chosen to side with the company, even though they are aware that the community as a whole will be robbed of social housing.

I cannot condemn them for putting self interest and the welfare of their families before their support of the community, but it surprises me that they now put their trust in the very people who have treated them so disdainfully and left their homes to degenerate for so long.

I ask those who have put their trust in Affinity Sutton to look at what they are being offered. The current Affinity Sutton design as shown at the public consultations, is nothing but a mediocrity designed by a nobody for a client with no taste and nothing but disdain for those they are here to serve.

The luxury gated apartments to be sold privately, over 40% of the development plan, have all the best southerly facing views over St. Lukes park with separate entrances and private walled gardens to keep the social tenants out. The social housing tenants are to be sent over to the north facing blocks losing their views of the park, trees and sunshine. 

At present their are over 65 parking spaces on the estate for which Affinity Sutton will only give out 22 permits. Wonder why? It's so that they can claim that everyone who has a parking space will get one in the new building. So from 65+ car parking spaces the amount available to social housing residents will be reduced to 25.

Recently the gardens and walkways throughout the estate had been  reopened for residents and their children to walk through and enjoy away from the surrounding streets. Obviously this was giving too much pleasure to the residents of the estate as an employee of Affinity Sutton who they found a property for on the estate, overlooking the gardens, has now arranged for all the gates to be locked again.

Residents have been told that they will have to pay no more for their new properties, but Affinity Sutton employees were well aware while making these promises that council tax will be significantly higher for the new flats and that rents may well increase.

So I ask the people who have put their trust in Affinity Sutton, just consider whether thet have ever treated you honestly, behaved with integrity, respectfully, and delivered a level of service to the estate which would be considered acceptable.

They haven't delivered up to now, what makes you think they are going to change.



  1. To Dave or Dentate Gyrus. I suggest that you suck up to Affinity Sutton, join their tame residents’ group, become their poodle, sell their propaganda to your fellow tenants and maybe, just maybe, you will be rewarded with the one new, tiny north-facing social rented flat that is not opposite a brick wall. You won’t have any friends left among your few remaining neighbours – but hey, you will still have a groovy, rent-subsidised pad in trendy Chelsea. We will be watching your progress with interest!

  2. Affinity Sutton attempting to divide and rule. Why don't they put on another fact finding afternoon , only two rules - no questions on the details of the new build of the estate and no questions regarding the finances of the development. If you do attempt either of these lines of enquiry, you shall be deemed - a troublemaker and asked to leave...allegedly

  3. Its beyond me how any of the residents could side with the Landlord against the tenants. What a Welcher (DG)

    1. Unless you think you will get favoured treatment eh DG.....

  4. Why do they always treat social housing residents like shit

  5. We should not be attacking fellow residents and locals for their views, however divergent to our own. You might disagree with them but they have every right to their opinion.
    Save your opprobrium for Affinity Sutton and their Council lackeys, who wish for nothing more than to set the residents against each other, in order to distract them from the real issues.

    1. Quite right. Save your energy for the mediocrities and opportunists pushing this project:

      Affinity Sutton CEO Keith Exford - The highest paid CEO in the social housing sector.

      Rachel Underwood of Affinity Sutton. Project manager responsible for pushing through the destruction of the community. As seen in the link below, unwilling to answer the simplest of questions.

      HLM Architects - So proud of their designs for the Sutton Estate they have left it off their website.

      Local Councillors Cockell, Warwick and Pascal, who have already said that the estate is unfit for purpose, but not once asked Affinity Sutton to keep the estate in good repair.

      RBKC council officers who have been working with and advising Affinity Sutton to help push through this rip-off. Why would our council's officers be colluding with Affinity Sutton on this project?

      Let's concentrate on the people trying to screw Chelsea, not our neighbours.

  6. Why won't our council stand up to Affinity Sutton and get them to put forward a responsible plan for Chelsea? As a Conservative all my life I find it difficult to believe that our council is corrupt, but with all the dodgy building projects going through recently, the evidence would seem to point that way.

    1. There is a clear stench of corruption and has been for a very long time. The difficulty is proving it - and our police do not have the resources or skills to follow this up. So it will continue unabated.

  7. why nothing on here about the de facto closure of thamesbrook and the redesignation of parkwood hall? edc and jmb can furnish info

    1. I cannot believe that any Conservative council would even consider closing Thamesbrook residential home or mess with Parkwood School which is one of the best schools for children with special educational needs.

      That would be the work of bullies and thugs attacking those least able to defend themselves, and I find it difficult to believe that our council leader Nick Paget-Brown falls into that category; he seems like such a nice man.

  8. who do you believe and why cake is in the eating they know most of us will be in bye byes permantly bpw


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