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Friday, 26 September 2014


Say what one likes about Nick Paget-Brown he does what few other council leaders do and gets out and about, at least listening to what people have to say.
Certainly, his predecessor, Pooter Cockell made clear his disdain for the views of residents.
And imagine the self opinionated Moylan bothering.

The Dame always saw Paget-Brown as the best choice of leader principally because he does listen and is a decent human being.

But, the Dame hauls him up on the iniquitous and unfair property tax proposed by bully boy Balls.
Paget-Brown should continue to campaign against this tax: he started well and needs to continue.
It will ruin the lives of many residents at the bottom end of the threshold.

Council Leader Paget-Brown has been planning the fifth of his Ask Nick Q&A events for residents, local businesses and community groups.

Having held previous Ask Nick events in St. Charles Sixth Form College, Chelsea Theatre, St. Cuthbert’s Centre and a hotel off High Street Kensington, the event is back in the north of the borough at the Dalgarno Trust’s centre.

All councillors, particularly those for the nearby wards are welcome to attend.

You may also wish to pass on information about this event to your constituents or any local businesses and groups in the area. Attached you will find a flier with the details of the event that you can use.

Alternatively, feel free to provide us with contact details of any residents or groups that you think would be interested and we will be happy to get in touch with them with information about the event.

The details for the event are as follows:

Ask Nick Five

Tuesday 21 October - 6.30pm to 8pm (tea for early birds at 6pm)

Dalgarno Community Centre, Dalgarno Way, London W10 5LE

As space is limited, we ask that all those wishing to attend book a place by visiting:

For more information about the venue and for directions, please


  1. The increasingly ridiculous Red Ed and the Lib Dems have mooted a 'mansion' (read 'property') tax that would unfairly punish ordinary folk on modest incomes who, through an accident of geography, have quite unexceptional properties that happen to be worth £2 million +. It would quickly be spread to homes of lesser value in the same way VAT - originally sold as a tax on luxury items - was rolled out to cover basics. On the other hand, our local Tory overlords are encouraging more and more for-profit schemes that will also drive out 'the little people', turning K&C into a version of Monaco. Is it any wonder UKIP is drawing votes by the bucketload from all three parties? Depressing but understandable.

    1. The opportunity for mansion tax was created by Tory policy that allows foreign money into London to force up house prices to ridiculous levels

    2. Tory policy of Stamp Duty also caused the basement evil in Kensington and Chelsea. Stamp Duty made it too expensive for residents to move so they di a basement instead when they need more room.

      Its what happens when stupid people get voted into Government

    3. Mansion Tax will never happen. It is impossible to administer. Labour will need to dream up some other way of pandering to envy by taxing the better off.

      And when the better off leave then the less well off who cannot fend for themselves will be even worse off.

    4. For the kind of houses that dig basements, the cost of Stamp Duty to move to a bigger house is £300,000 to £500,000. This is enough to dig a huge basement. Without the disruption of moving house and finding new schools for the children. So the owners dig a basement and make life hell for the neighbours. The result of Tory policy.

    5. It was Labour who introduced Stamp Duty.

    6. My Mate The Builder27 September 2014 at 14:07

      UKIP will abolish Stamp Duty and then people will stop digging basements and move to a bigger house instead when they need more room. And they will live above ground again and get some fresh air and stay healthy and save NHS money. And the loss of Stamp Duty will be paid for by the abolition of overseas aid. Britain sends £800m aid to India every year to help the poor - a country that is rich enough to have a nuclear bomb and a Space Programme. It is bonkers.

      What we need is more politicians with common sense who govern by common sense. UKIP seems to be the answer.

  2. Nick does not need his "Ask Nick" sessions to figure out that he, his Councillors and his Officers are doing more than anyone to help drive up property prices by allowing and encouraging (for reasons of their own) property developers to to knock down good houses and offices all over the Borough to be replaced by luxury housing for foreigners with hot money to park. The new houses and flats remain empty and the price of housing stock in the Borough rockets up.

    Instead of wasting time on fringe activities our Leader needs to get to grips with fundamentals

  3. The Tory greed is staggering. On the one hand they encourage foreign billionaires and developers to park their money in London housing which drives up prices. And the "favoured few" Councillors and Officers get their backhanders. This prices the locals out of the housing market. And this frightens the Tories that they might be voted out of power. So the "Free Market" Tories forget their fundamentals and offer new houses with 20% discounts to new buyers (see Daily Mail today). An electoral bribe launched for the Party Conference season.

    What a load of wankers

  4. This is a Labour Blog. Pathetic.

    1. Cllr Palmer woke up early this morning. Long live the Conservatives

    2. Cllr Palmer 'woke up'? If only! Ditto, his cronies

  5. We need to bring back serious people with integrity to be our political representatives. What we do not need is idiots like Cameron who enjoy showing off to rich people in New York that he has one-on-one conversations with the Queen. "You know, old boy, I made her choke up".

    This is the most awful kind of Eton chump who is in it to impress his mates.

  6. Sounds as though Nick has his answers. He can take an evening off and skip the next "Ask Nick" event.


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