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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


A few weeks ago Mr Downes wrote to Mr Bradley about his nice little earner teaching Tri Borough social workers how to be 'compassionate'! 
Downes copied the Council in on the Bradley letter.
Whilst Compassion Teacher Bradley lacked compassion to reply the Council did. 
This link tells you more about how our money is being frittered away NO COMPASSION FOR TAXPAYERS!

According to K&C Framework4Change has no professional connection with the sinister Brahma Kumaris cult or its cohort, The Janki Foundation....
To quote, far as we can tell, F4C do not have a professional relationship with these organisations. Nor do they promote the purpose (as described in the links) of these organisations in their work. There is nothing cultish or sinister about the content of the F4C courses....  

Now read this email the boss, Andy Bradley wrote. Yes, it's pretty vomit making, but makes quite clear that his social worker clients are bought well into the ambit of the sinister and mysterious  Brahma Kumaris cult....
The Dame has procured an email from Andy to a's pretty torrid stuff, but demolishes the Council's statement that there is no professional connection between BK and F4C.
Over to you Andy.....

Thanks for call Roger - really good to hear your voice and to connect.

Hope you have a wonderful breakfast conversation.

Feeling inspired and energies here post retreat for 60 social workers at
Global Retreat Centre - the Brahma Kumaris are a humble and powerful
 - I have been privileged to ask to speak at tow retreats now in a
deeply spiritual place. The diamond merchant who had visions for a peaceful
world in the 1930's invited women to lead (relying on nurturing 'of
service' qualities and wanting to avoid gurus - the output is astonishing
with 1000 centres in 120 countries without charging a penny.

I wonder who the host leaders for the compassion movement should be?

The flow here is strong with an emerging vision for locating compassion.


Dear Mr Bradley

I write as a resident and taxpayer of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

I understand that your company, Frameworks4Change, has been commissioned by the Tri-Borough to teach certain officer levels/disciplines, 'compassion training'. 
My understanding has always been that compassion was innate within us and hardly teachable....but I leave to others, more qualified than I, to argue about that!
However, it does seem counter-intuitive that those in the caring professions need to be taught how to be compassionate.....

But my concerns revolve around the following....

1. That your company's appointment involved an officer who subsequently left  Tri-Borough employ and then, for a time, worked as a consultant to your company. 
2. That the appointment of your company was not subject to any tendering process

But, of much greater concern to me is the suggestion that you, personally, have strong links to Brahma Kumaris and the Janki Foundation.
My understanding is that there is an interrelationship between the two entities.

I hope that you will be able to write to reassure me that you have never had any professional relationship with either Brahma Kumaris or the Janki Foundation.
You might be inclined to go further and assure me that you disdain the bizarre
beliefs of the Brahma Kumaris 'cult'.

I draw your attention to the blog upon which this email is based.


Justin Downes


  1. Another week and yet another shocking misuse of public money! One wishes Mr Downes luck in getting a proper response from Mr Bradley.

    Despite the departure of the tri-borough officer responsible for the contract, he or she will have left a K & C council cabinet member holding the baby. The councillor should be asked to explain themselves. The tri borough originator of the project has left, but there will still be a responsible K & C officer. A series of FOI enquiries directed to these people will help the public to get to the murky bottom of it.

  2. Hope they have the bunkers ready in Hornton Street suitably stocked with produce from Whole Foods. The BKs, despite their recent endeavours to sort out their PR are an Armageddon Cult based on channelling messages from the deceased diamond merchant to whom Andy refers in his rather strange email. I have met him and can assure RBKC officers I was given the same BK spiel and as a senior leader in healthcare as well as female have felt pursued and targeted by him largely via relentless meant to be flattering comments on social media, constantly butting into conversations, adding influential women's names onto Tweets to imply connections which are just not there. The BK so called "spiritual university" which is in fact not a university at all, is mainly based around women as Mr Bradely mentions in the email. He pursued me for one of his retreats held at BK HQ. I do know those who did go were given the BK spiel by UK BK Director Maureen Goodman and other BKs but the whole thing was presided over by Mr Bradley.. One colleague described the experience as "sinister" which is such a coincidence since this is precisely the word the Official used only denying it. I can say the Tri Borough Officer who commissioned this work was at the BK retreat and has also been seen at Janki Foundation events. I feel most concerned at the lack of due diligence around the background and qualifications of this man to be working in an area involving getting people to delve into deep emotional trauma. I cannot see any indication that he is qualified at all to do so and as such the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists would do well to take a good look at what is going on. I have experienced the training. It reminded me of an Amway sales day. Maybe that was his background. Who knows - made the leap from flogging toilet cleaner to flogging garbage to gullible Councils and of course the NHS. My concerns are financial, ethical and safeguarding. The BKs tend to be found close to vulnerable people. Mr Bradley is worryingly rising through the ranks in care homes, and is now making attempts to make inroads into children's services. You are very right Mr Downes to insist this be taken seriously. It is easy to see how the likes of Savile rose through the ranks unquestioned and the same is happening here. No-one it seems is prepared to say "have you noticed the state of undress of the Emperor?" Until you of course and the Dame and I commend you both for it.


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