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Monday, 29 September 2014


It seems that the new chairman of Cratus has some firefighting to do. 
Pooter Cockell got the job through his old mate, sacked Junior Minister, Bob Neill so this is the time for Pooter to repay favours....

Some troublemakers are accusing Bob of not having declared his role at Cratus and FIERY WORDS are being exchanged.
It also appears that Cratus is not a member of the recognised industry standards body, APPC.
APPC has strict rules on declarations so that's alright then.

Will Pooter Cockell ride to the rescue of his old mate? 


  1. Shady people always move in shady circles. Pooter has form so nobody should be surprised.

  2. So cruel to attack Three Jobs Bob for not declaring his role at CRATUS. He is a barrister and we in RBK&C understand how difficult it is for those claiming to be in the legal profession to remember their legal declaration responsibilities. Even one of our own councillors and Cockell's comrade, Paul Warwick, was unable to remember to declare his interests, or even if he was a lawyer or not.

  3. CRATUS may not have signed up to the recognised industry standards body, APPC, but I am sure with employees of the integrity and standing of Sir Merrick Cockell and Bob Neill there is nothing to worry about here.
    They have both worked selflessly and singlemindedly to further their careers and serve their paymasters and I am sure they will do a fine job for the interests of the developers they now work for.
    What is the point of public service if you can't cash in on your experience?


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