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Wednesday, 3 September 2014


RBK&C think Andy Bradley, owner of Frameworks4Change, is uninfluenced by his close connection to the Armageddon cult, Brahma Kumaris and its equally unlovely associate, the Janki Foundation.
If they believe that they are either mad or naive.

Taxpayer's money, reserved for funding Accident & Emergency services, is being diverted and squandered on Bradley and his strange 'Compassion Training' company.

It would help if the squandered money could have been diverted to improve the appalling quality of SEN transport.

The damning comment below has clearly been written by someone with has great experience of Bradley and his doings.

Bradley is a leading follower of Brahma Kumaris. 
He is also totally unqualified.
It's as if the Council were allowing a member of the Church of Scientology to run its drug abuse treatment courses.

And when councillors and officers fume about the Dame they would do well to remember this. Without her, people like Bradley would go more power to the Dame. 
Read this very scary comment....and that includes you, Mr Holgate and all those who commissioned this idiot.

Hope they have the bunkers ready in Hornton Street suitably stocked with produce from Whole Foods. 
The BKs, despite their recent endeavours to sort out their PR are an Armageddon Cult based on channelling messages from the deceased diamond merchant to whom Andy refers in his rather strange email. I have met him and can assure RBKC officers I was given the same BK spiel and as a senior leader in healthcare as well as female have felt pursued and targeted by him largely via relentless meant to be flattering comments on social media, constantly butting into conversations, adding influential women's names onto Tweets to imply connections which are just not there. The BK so called "spiritual university" which is in fact not a university at all, is mainly based around women as Mr Bradely mentions in the email. He pursued me for one of his retreats held at BK HQ. I do know those who did go were given the BK spiel by UK BK Director Maureen Goodman and other BKs but the whole thing was presided over by Mr Bradley.. One colleague described the experience as "sinister" which is such a coincidence since this is precisely the word the Official used only denying it. I can say the Tri Borough Officer who commissioned this work was at the BK retreat and has also been seen at Janki Foundation events. I feel most concerned at the lack of due diligence around the background and qualifications of this man to be working in an area involving getting people to delve into deep emotional trauma. I cannot see any indication that he is qualified at all to do so and as such the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists would do well to take a good look at what is going on. I have experienced the training. It reminded me of an Amway sales day. Maybe that was his background. Who knows - made the leap from flogging toilet cleaner to flogging garbage to gullible Councils and of course the NHS. My concerns are financial, ethical and safeguarding. The BKs tend to be found close to vulnerable people. Mr Bradley is worryingly rising through the ranks in care homes, and is now making attempts to make inroads into children's services. You are very right Mr Downes to insist this be taken seriously. It is easy to see how the likes of Savile rose through the ranks unquestioned and the same is happening here. No-one it seems is prepared to say "have you noticed the state of undress of the Emperor?" Until you of course and the Dame and I commend you both for it.


  1. CLLR SIR MERRICK COCKELL3 September 2014 at 10:00

    This Compassion Training needs extending. Could Andy organise one for us councillors? Some of us are short on compassion.

  2. Speak for yourself Pooter

  3. As well as being a gross waste of public money, this thread is absolutely terrifying. As repeatedly happens in this rotten council, some dodgy operator has been handed great wads of our cash, not simply to waste it, but to actively harm the vulnerable. This council is beyond running its own services. It's rapidly turning into a high rent conservative version of Tower Hamlets or Rotherham.

    Not a penny of our money is safe in Hornton St coffers. Any councillor or officer can throw it down the nearest toilet masquerading as a public service. There's neither oversight culpability for endless examples of grand larceny, because the ones who suffer are only the poor and the vulnerable.

  4. Only the very guilty need that much compassion and a good judge will always spot that motive. I am a properly trained (professional) therapist.

  5. I first became concerned of the intentions of Mr Bradley (and thereby the work of Frameworks4Change), when he started peddling “Self Love” Retreats for Social Workers on Twitter (reputedly free of charge) and his link to BKWSU was made apparent to all, in the following message exchange (Twitter, June 2013).

    Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c 9 Jun 2013
    @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson retreat was free of charge self-love does sound cheesy! Been working with spirit of care which we all need

    DAMMAC ‏@dammacCMA 9 Jun 2013
    @wwwframeworks4c @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson - WOT !! FOC ? Who is jerking off whom? SW's - Self Love Retreat sounds like a jolly!

    Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c 10 Jun 2013
    @dammacCMA @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson sounds like an uninformed reaction but all are entitled to that Good day

    DAMMAC ‏@dammacCMA 10 Jun 2013
    @wwwframeworks4c @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson - So please inform. If retreat is FOC then are you practicing ultimate dana paramita ?

    Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c 10 Jun 2013
    @dammacCMA @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson TY, work as a result of vision in 30s of diamond merchant, asked women to lead Om shanti

    DAMMAC ‏@dammacCMA 10 Jun 2013
    @wwwframeworks4c @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson So..... you refer to Lekhraj Kripalani or "Brahma Baba" to the faithful of BKWSU ?

    Mr Bradly did not reply to my last message. However, he had openly admitted to me (and others on Social Media) that his work (and thereby Frameworks4Change) was linked to the principles or beliefs of the BKWSU. My main concern was based on the knowledge that the BKWSU & faithful followers are notorious in operating from behind a shifting number of front organizations, in which recruiting members often play various undisclosed roles. These ‘fronts’ are simply put in place to attract new members and to influence established organizations (I would refer you to the following link - ).

    I am surprised the RBK&C (both Cllrs & paid officers) did not carry out any form of scrutiny or due diligence on Mr Bradley (or his company) and one wonders exactly what are Bradley’s credentials or qualifications. It is of course extraordinary that it would appear the contracts to employ Mr Bradley (or Frameworks4Change) were awarded without any ‘scope of works’ or ‘terms of engagement’ having been drawn up by the Borough, and worse - the work was not even put to competitive tendering.

    However, it is scandalous that Mr Bradley/Frameworks4Change’s appointment involved an RBK&C officer who subsequently left Tri-Borough, to then re-emerge only weeks later as the latest ‘recruit’ of ‘Team Bradley’ - I refer to Frameworks4Change’s Facilitator & Host Leader….. the “Flexible, Curious & Welcoming” Julia Patton (I refer to - ). From comments above, I understand she attended the BK ‘Self Love’ retreat and has also been seen at Janki Foundation events.

    I note with interest that ‘Team Bradley’ has recently been ‘enlarged’ (now numbering seven persons) - perhaps the result of the recent Tri-Borough “Cash Injection”. It does make one wonder how much tax payers money has been paid out to Mr Bradley or Frameworks4Change by the Tri-Borough, or RBK&C over the past years – perhaps something which may soon be disclosed, via a FOI request ?

    A nice litter earner to be sure, especially when a gullible ‘Client’ is not even aware of what they have commissioned ! My concerns are financial but also there are massive ethical and safeguarding issues here, especially as BKs tend to be found close to very vulnerable people and children.

  6. 13.27's comprehensive input highlights the enormous damage that can be caused to vulnerable local citizens by such unregulated so-called therapies. As RBKC's recent attitude towards transporting vulnerable children proves, it considers such persons expendable.

    It also shines a light on a further example of the failure of any formal evaluation or competitive tendering before the council throws large sums of residents' funds at worthless projects. Such projects are invariably promoted by individual councillors or senior officers. This sort of thing happens all the time and no one is ever held accountable. It's one of the reasons the Rotten Borough is so very rotten.


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