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Saturday, 20 September 2014


More on the *Eejit Judge Lochrane, our Lexham Gardens neighbour. 

This is the judge who allowed a social worker to use Facebook to show off her success with him, but sends a loving father to jail.....

The Eejit  is on the management committee of his building at 64 Lexham Gardens so be careful not to be contemptuous of him(very tempting) in case he sends you down for twenty eight days.

This is an account of how The Eejit treated an innocent man suffering from chronic heart disease.
In 2007 Garry Johnson's ex wife claimed that he was mentally unfit to look after his children.
Years later Johnson sent a Facebook birthday greetings to his now 21 year old son.

Judge Eejit ordered Johnson to attend Basildon Magistrates Court.
Conveniently, he was not told that by sending a birthday greeting he might end up in jail; nor was he told that he should have a lawyer.
Despite knowing the man was 'heart attack prone'  Eejit  in a secret 30 minute hearing, decided to send him to prison for 28 days.
This order expired when the boys reached the age of 18 but 
the gagging order, which would usually expire at the same time, has not been lifted.....and, of course, Lochrane failed to find this out.
In the cells Johnson suffered his fifth heart attack and was rushed by ambulance to the Cardiac Arrest Dept.
Presumably, under instructions from Lochrane, he was chained to his bed and a 24 hour watch kept by prison officers. 
When he sufficiently recovered he was dragged off to Chelmsford Prison.

Now this is the interesting bit....

The enormity of 'Eejit' 's   Stalinist style behaviour came to light ONLY when Johnson's sons,  Sam and Adam,18 and 21 respectively (and the objects of the gagging order) contacted the Daily Mail in disgust at Eejit's petty nastiness.

Son, Sam Johnson, a telesales manager, told the Daily Mail: "My dad is a good father and has never been in trouble with the police. He was treated like a criminal. 
"This ludicrous gagging order should not exist and must now be lifted. Both Adam and myself are adults. 
"This cruel ruling is now hanging over my father to silence him about the sons he loves for the rest of his life. 
That is a terrible thing in what is meant to be a free country."
MP for Basildon and Billericay, John Baron, told the Daily Mail: "I have helped Mr Johnson and his sons – who always wanted to live with him – over several years. 
To find he has been imprisoned for sending a birthday message to one of them is troubling."

* EEJIT, a good Irish expression for a 'fecking idiot'


  1. What a dreadful fellow....glad I am not a neighbour

    1. Kensington Resident20 September 2014 at 15:07

      Lexham Gdns does attract them. Second raters who cant quite stretch to the better streets of Kensington

  2. I once made an enemy of the Dame and it got me chucked off the Council for send quite innocent images of underage boys with naughty captions.
    You better be careful, Yer 'Onour or she will have your wig off you

    1. Interesting the similarities between disgraced ex Cllr Phelps and soon to be disgraced ex Judge Eejit Cockrane

  3. Once more the Dame is doing residents a service by exposing the wrong doing and ridiculous behaviour of fringe people like this bog Irish Judge. Ireland needs to stop exporting its rubbish people to Britain and keep them at home where they belong (with no apologies to the Hornet reader who is "tired" of anti Irish ranting)

  4. Do Lochrane and Moylan share social moments? We should be told

  5. Spurned in his private life the cockroach Judge is exercising power in his professional life by sending innocent men to jail. A deeply flawed and ghastly human being who deserves to rot in his own excrement

  6. Management Committees of minor London Streets do like a Judge on the notepaper. It boosts a feeling of self importance. Foreign owners are even more gullible. It is to be hoped that a few residents of 64 Lexham Gdns have become acquainted with the Hornet and the true nature of the cockroach Judge Cocklane

    1. Could the Dame remind us if the boyfriend of Jonathan Fraser-Howells who was sent to jail for embezzling the Service Charge funds of his mansion block (the wretch was Treasurer) was also a lawyer?

    2. Tory Agents usually move in exalted circles

  7. Dear Dame,
    I am weary of the anti Irish posts that are allowed to remain on the page, example 15.06. His Irish heritage has nothing to do with the fact that he clearly has no compassion. On the other hand the Law is often an ass and he may have been bound by this. The social worker should have been dismissed. For the record Irish people usually use eejit or feckin eejit for things they find slightly annoying or in fact it can be a slight term of endearment.

    Language is usually harder, direct and more descriptive for cases such as this and would be unpublishable on this blog.


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