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Saturday, 6 September 2014


Mr Holgate
You say there is no proven connection between Andy Bradley of Frameworks4Change and the sinister, family alienating Armageddon Brahma Kumaris cult.
We are told you are intelligent. 

Read this Twitter exchange and prove it!

David King ‏@dak1966
@wwwframeworks4c Thanks Andy. Terrific day, very inspired. Loved your talk. Are you practicising Buddhist? Hope you dont mind me asking.

Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c
@dak1966 morning David. Have own 'quiet mind, open heart' practices and am hove zen mindfulness group and brahma kumaris. Thanks for asking


  1. Well..... methinks it is up to Andy Bradley and his company to come clean and pay back the money !!

  2. From the mouth of babes & sucklings, it really does appear that Mr Bradley and F4C has made a complete sucker of Mr Holgate and his crew !!

    1. Come on Bradley, fess up you are nothing more than a snake and oil merchant !

  3. It is a mystery to me how this would be Jim Jones of Health & Social Care has convinced so many people of his wonderfulness. Having met him on a few occasions I found him singularly lacking in the charisma one would assume an aspiring cult leader would need. I found him to be a slightly nerdy little man with a very damp handshake.

  4. I mentioned this story to a friend. She believed she'd attended one of the meetings. Apparently a strange little man spread compassion among the attendees by trying to flog them his enlightenment courses.


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