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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


It seems that the Council has form for using slimy ways to close schools like Parkwood Hall.

Thomas Jones School has an excellent reputation and, until thwarted by grassroots action, was facing the threat of closure and the site being sold off to some property developer.

A reader, presumably Scottish, writes....

My dear Dame 
It has to be remembered that closing schools using faulty data has a long history in this rotten borough. RBKC made concerted efforts to close
Thomas Jones School, St. Mark's Road, W11 on the grounds of falling numbers on the roll and government edict. The grubby attempt was seen off by vigorous grassroots action and it later became evident that the number of children in the catchment area was in fact rising. Thomas Jones is a particular asset to the area as it is on one level and thus highly suitable for children with special needs --- this argument cut little ice with the RBKC however -- they probably had a buyer for the site lined up... Thomas Jones School continues to be a gem, thank heavens....

PipPip!! Keep up the good work

I remain yours, a committed member of the awkward squad

Kerr M'Udgeon

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  1. This fantastic school was saved, of course, by the very hard work and campaigning of former Labour councillors Simon Blanchflower and Steve Hoier working tirelessly with parents, teachers and the local community.


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