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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Baroness Hanham was the one time Rotten Borough leader. When she retired she foisted the hopeless and hapless Pooter Cockell on us so we have a collective bone to pick with our Joan....


Obviously abuse of taxi's was not covered in her brief. 
The DT reports READ IT HERE the old thing has spent "£25 a time on dozens of taxi journeys of less than a mile" 
The comments, all 139 in the Telegraph ridicule this woman.
All in all Hanham, 74, ran up a bill of almost £1,000 for 38 short journeys between the Lords (to clock in for her daily £300 tax free allowance, one assumes).

This is what the silly old trout came up with as extenuating circumstances. Does she not realise that 1. that all taxis in London are expensive? 2. That 'her finance team' should be allowing any account taxi travel?
Her cowardly attempt to blame Addison Lee says much about this silly, pretentious woman.

“However, I was horrified when I discovered how much my journeys were costing. I have now stopped using Addison Lee and our finance team is urgently reviewing our expenses policy with a view to keeping the cost of taxis as low as possible.”

If she is too old to use the Tube or bus, as other OAPS like the dear old Dame do, she should consider allowing a younger person to take over.
No wonder Pooter, Joan's protege, thought using the Mayor's new Bentley was a 'good way to save taxi fares'!

By the way, when Hanham was a local government minister in the Lords she refused to assist to get parliamentary time to control basement developments.
So we know who to blame, don't we Joan?


  1. This is a thoroughly silly puffed up Lady. It is just unbelievable that she keeps coming around with her hand out for more.

  2. Hanham's self image is sky high. Of course she takes a taxi. Frequently. If she knew how to fix it, it would be a limo and driver.

  3. Typical....using the expensive taxi to call in and sign in to the Lords for her £300 tax free allowance. Greedy old cow!

  4. Outrageous....and she is meant to be helping the NHS save money.
    Looks like the loonies are running the asylum. Resign now Joan Hanham. You are a
    disgrace and how pathetic to blame Addison Lee. They are an excellent company, except when you abuse them as you have.

  5. The Dame is right. Whilst a minister Hanham refused to assist in getting parliamentary time to discuss the basement menace; this despite her living in the Borough and knowing the problems.
    At seventy four and not know the cost of taxi fares underlines the lady's remoteness from everyday reality.
    If ever there was a case for forcibly retiring useless members of Lords Lady Hanham is it!
    In the meantime she uses taxis, at great and unnecessary expense, to travel to the Lords to sign on to collect her daily £300 tax free allowance.

  6. Joan Hanham was a protegee of that old pervert crook, Nicholas Freeman. The man who vandalised the old Town Hall and should have been prosecuted

  7. The woman is totally self focused. The NHS and everything else takes second place. Long ago she forgot that she owes some loyalty to the Royal Borough - who put her where she is. She does not care a fig for anyone except herself. "I'm OK Jackie" sums up her approach to life.

  8. What can you expect from the ex Chairman of the K&C Standards Committee who dismissed resident complaints that disgraced ex Cllr Cockle was tell porkies. She excused his disgraceful behaviour by suggesting that Pooter was using "political rhetoric". You cannot trust people like her - vipers.

  9. Well done the Telegraph. More and more of the National Press are taking the lead and tip offs from the Dame. A force for good in the Royal Borough

  10. "I was horrified when I discovered how much journeys were costing".

    Silly cow

  11. Kensington Resident15 September 2014 at 09:59

    The Lady is chastened. Just shows how important it is to have a watchdog looking out for the interests of residents and tax payers.

  12. Joan Hanham did 11 years as Leader of K&C. Three years too long. Her First Term showed her in a good light. Caring and concerned. But power corrupts. And by the start of her Third Term she was far gone into a "world all about Joan". Even close colleagues urged her to stand down - she was past her sell by date but could not see it.

    But she cultivated relationships in her own interests and rather like her successor, Cllr Cockle, she was a ferocious networker in pursuit of her own advancement. It is understood that Cockell advised her to build a roadmap for the future. Always thinking one step ahead, she put herself forward to join the Board of the Imperial Hospital Group. Which she joined but made absolutely no contribution to an organisation that is on its knees and is now a financial disaster. But the CV spot was filled which has brought her the NHS job. So now she splurges on taxis and feels even more important.

  13. "Our finance team is reviewing the cost of taxis".

    What planet is this woman on? Why does she not use the tube or bus? Free for one of her advanced years. The cow has obviously lost the power to reason.

    1. Lady Hanham no doubt took advice from her mentor, Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell.

      "I only use the tube" he told the Kensington Chronicle. "I have never used the Bentley".

      Cockle found out that porkies are a dangerous game in a world of Freedom Of Information. Humbug found out that taxis are a dangerous game in the world of the Telegraph

  14. Lady Hanham is 99 years old

  15. The Head of the NHS, Simon Stevens, urges his staff to "Think like a patient, act like a taxpayer". These words need to be shoved up the Hanham back side. The cow is so insensitive to anything except her own importance that she needs to be "banged hard on the head" in order to get her to take note

  16. For once the Dame is wrong, Pooter was not Joan's protege in fact he stabbed her so badly in the back in his attempt to get the top job it's surprising she ever recovered.

    In Joan's day there was integrity and members behaved or were out at the next election as more than one young buck found to their cost.

    1. The Dame's Investigator15 September 2014 at 11:23

      You surprise me, WorkedatRBKC.

      Anyone who ever sat in the Strangers Gallery at Council Meetings and witnessed the regular (late) arrival of Cllr Hanahm to meetings, after Cockle had taken over, could see the way she brushed past him to take her seat, always with a friendly pat on the shoulder and smile and muttering some nonsense in passing to signal to those around that "I am special". None of this is the behaviour of an enemy.

    2. Joan at least was too much of a lady to behave in any other way in public. In private she was distressed by Pooter's behaviour and said no good would come of his being leader. How right she was. She also recognised that her days were over and it is not the RBKC Tory way to take the gloves off in public so she went but with a heavy heart.

      A huge difference was that Joan did not need to do the job for the money whereas we all know that Pooter did and has seemed to bleed public funds at every opportunity since.

      If Joan's use of taxis warrants comment and if all that is above is correct then maybe it does clearly something has brought this about. While she was leader she acted with the utmost integrity and required no less of any member or officer of the council. Failure was dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

  17. Pooter certainly stabbed Hanham in the back in order to get his own advancement. But he did this in his accustomed cloak and dagger way. Backstabbing stuff. It was loyal friends like Councillor Buckmaster who advised her privately that it was time for her to step aside.

  18. The Dame's Investigator is somewhat naive. Many politicians are two faced and quite capable of hating in private and loving in public. It just depends on their perception of self interest and an understanding that everything is subordinated to this. Many politicians are horrible people.

  19. Let's hope the waste of NHS Winter Pressures Budgets on the likes of Andy Bradley (aka Fakeworks4Change and the BK's) will be one of the first things the Watchdog will go and bite ! Cos the F4C Scam is way worse than taxi fares - or am I missing a point here ???


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