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Thursday, 4 September 2014


An ex RBKC social worker comments upon Compassion Training.... read this and you see what a joke has been played upon officers of RBK&C!


  1. I first became concerned of the intentions of Mr Bradley (and thereby the work of Frameworks4Change), when he started peddling “Self Love” Retreats for Social Workers on Twitter (reputedly free of charge) and his link to BKWSU was made apparent to all, in the following message exchange (Twitter, June 2013).

    Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c 9 Jun 2013
    @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson retreat was free of charge self-love does sound cheesy! Been working with spirit of care which we all need

    DAMMAC ‏@dammacCMA 9 Jun 2013
    @wwwframeworks4c @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson - WOT !! FOC ? Who is jerking off whom? SW's - Self Love Retreat sounds like a jolly!

    Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c 10 Jun 2013
    @dammacCMA @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson sounds like an uninformed reaction but all are entitled to that Good day

    DAMMAC ‏@dammacCMA 10 Jun 2013
    @wwwframeworks4c @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson - So please inform. If retreat is FOC then are you practicing ultimate dana paramita ?

    Andy Bradley ‏@wwwframeworks4c 10 Jun 2013
    @dammacCMA @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson TY, work as a result of vision in 30s of diamond merchant, asked women to lead Om shanti

    DAMMAC ‏@dammacCMA 10 Jun 2013
    @wwwframeworks4c @allyc375 @SparkySW @Harr_Ferguson So..... you refer to Lekhraj Kripalani or "Brahma Baba" to the faithful of BKWSU ?

    Mr Bradly did not reply to my last message. However, he had openly admitted to me (and others on Social Media) that his work (and thereby Frameworks4Change) was linked to the principles or beliefs of the BKWSU. My main concern was based on the knowledge that the BKWSU & faithful followers are notorious in operating from behind a shifting number of front organizations, in which recruiting members often play various undisclosed roles. These ‘fronts’ are simply put in place to attract new members and to influence established organizations (I would refer you to the following link - ).

    I am surprised the RBK&C (both Cllrs & paid officers) did not carry out any form of scrutiny or due diligence on Mr Bradley (or his company) and one wonders exactly what are Bradley’s credentials or qualifications. It is of course extraordinary that it would appear the contracts to employ Mr Bradley (or Frameworks4Change) were awarded without any ‘scope of works’ or ‘terms of engagement’ having been drawn up by the Borough, and worse - the work was not even put to competitive tendering.

    However, it is scandalous that Mr Bradley/Frameworks4Change’s appointment involved an RBK&C officer who subsequently left Tri-Borough, to then re-emerge only weeks later as the latest ‘recruit’ of ‘Team Bradley’ - I refer to Frameworks4Change’s Facilitator & Host Leader….. the “Flexible, Curious & Welcoming” Julia Patton (I refer to - ). From comments above, I understand she attended the BK ‘Self Love’ retreat and has also been seen at Janki Foundation events.

    I note with interest that ‘Team Bradley’ has recently been ‘enlarged’ (now numbering seven persons) - perhaps the result of the recent Tri-Borough “Cash Injection”. It does make one wonder how much tax payers money has been paid out to Mr Bradley or Frameworks4Change by the Tri-Borough, or RBK&C over the past years – perhaps something which may soon be disclosed, via a FOI request ?

    A nice litter earner to be sure, especially when a gullible ‘Client’ is not even aware of what they have commissioned ! My concerns are financial but also there are massive ethical and safeguarding issues here, especially as BKs tend to be found close to very vulnerable people and children.


  1. 13.27's comprehensive input highlights the enormous damage that can be caused to vulnerable local citizens by such unregulated so-called therapies. As RBKC's recent attitude towards transporting vulnerable children proves, it considers such persons expendable.

    It also shines a light on a further example of the failure of any formal evaluation or competitive tendering before the council throws large sums of residents' funds at worthless projects. Such projects are invariably promoted by individual councillors or senior officers. This sort of thing happens all the time and no one is ever held accountable. It's one of the reasons the Rotten Borough is so very rotten.

  2. Councillors knew nothing whatsoever about this until highlighted on this site.

    1. With respect, it was really very easy for us mere residents to work out Mr Bradley's dodgy connections from attending one event in Hornton Street in which he expected us on demand to look into each other's eyes and say "I respect you". thanks. And then of course the "free of charge" retreats for 60 social workers. Are Councillors not aware there is no such thing as a free lunch? It took a glance at Mr Bradley;s Twitter page on which was featured a picture of the BK Global Retreat Centre to work out exactly what was going on. He is either so narcissistic he believes his own bullshit and has been himself seduced by the BK well documented "love bombing" techniques of those deemed of potential use to them which they lovingly term "microphone souls" - general Z list celebs such as Lynne Franks. I felt quite ill after five minutes of watching Mr B on his podium at Hornton Street and just cannot believe the gullibility of those who have fallen for the "here I am, here we are" (direct quote from Andy Gandhi himself) pseudo profundities that he spouts. There were senior officers there that day and at the similar events in the other two Boroughs. Did no-one else notice there was something a little odd going on?

    2. Anonymous 18:44 (4/9/2014)

      Can I ask you a direct question (and please, there really is no need to divulge any personal or identifying information).

      Are you a Councillor, a paid officer of the Borough or, how do you know our elected Councillors were kept in the dark about this matter?

      Moreover, now you are aware of the issues brought to light by the Dame, what will you be doing to ensure this oversight (as in; an unintentional failure to notice or do something) cannot be repeated, particularly the rather disturbing fact that it appears a Commissioning Officer can effectively ‘bank-roll’ a career move, an increase in income & their professional status.

      A concerned resident and taxpayer.

    3. Backbench councillors are only allowed to scrutinise what the Cabinet member deems fit for them to see. Presumably the Cabinet member who thought this was a good idea just approved the expenditure on the nod, given that it did not hit the level that requires a formal Key Decision. That would be Mary Weale, then.

    4. OMG...... Slap on the wrists..... very naughty Mary Weale !!

      Or is it because a naughty 'paid officer' of RBK&C kept it a secret from her ?

      One wonders who is the guilty party - however the buck really has to stop at the feet of the elected or responsible party ?

      What ya going to do Mary.... call the Cult Busters !!

  3. What makes me sick is that this Patrician Borough justifies budget cuts or the withdrawal of care services/support of disabled, special needs or mental health 'service users' by quoting the needs to provide Value for Money (VFM) but it seems this does not apply to the Council (either elected Councillors or paid officers) when it come to 'pet projects' or to a 'tick box' exercise to do 'the right thing' following the Francis Report in to the appalling failings of the Health & Care Services.

    If only the Borough, Councillors or Officers actually bothered to run or deliver real VFM, we may now be in a better place rather then in the clutches of an Armageddon Cult or a Patrician Council !!!

    Let the people speak out about this waste of money and may we question our ward Councillors as to what they are doing to stop throwing money out to new world shysters !!

  4. You mean the RBC&K allows their paid officers & commissioners to commission their own pay rise.... or to up-grade their pay-grade, or allowing paid officers to write their own their own (new) pay cheques !!

    If this is possible, then what now passes for bona fide Councillors payments or expenses.... or the benefits allowed to officers expenses, remunerations or soaring salaries ?

    1. Am so glad someone else is onto this. I have been at the training and I can assure you that a number of people were really angered and the rest of us dumbfounded. Would like to know in what way this man is qualified to teach us mere Health & Social Care staff how to be Compassionate.

    2. I also had the compulsory training. Staff were lectured to, patronised and told that if we didn’t follow this method (of bullshitting clients rather than helping them) we “should look for new employment”. I was livid and challenged Andy the idiot about having to follow his ‘brand’ that he was selling- it did not go down well. Oh and you have to choose to be a mango or a pineapple FFS!!!!

    3. Kumquat is all I have to say on that one. I hadn't heard that particular gem. That's brilliant. He expected me to look in the eyes of a well known figure in the Borough I particularly loathe (and the feeling is mutual) and say on demand as signalled by AB "I respect you". I don't, so I didn't. He wasn't a happy bunny. He has an air of control about him that the New Age speak fails to disguise at times.

  5. No one in Hornton Street apparently noticed what was going on in this and other similar cases of gross miss use of public funds. The reason is that many of those elected and employed to provide good value council services are too busy feathering their own nests to bother with other projects.

    In one instance of the council being signed up to a long and grossly overpriced large contract, the senior officer responsible was punished by receiving a golden handshake and early retirement, paid from residents' funds of course.

    1. I guess the officer (Julia Patton) involved in this rather seedy affair could't even wait to be found to be irresponsible or punished with a golden handshake & an early retirement.

      It looks like she simply negotiated (with Mr Bradly) or built in her own golden 'leg-up' whilst commissioning Frameworks4Change. Or do I appear to be rather cynical ?

  6. What is the trading name of Frameworks4Change? You can find out how much was spent on this tripe on the hahaha 'Transparency' section of the rbkc website - but you have to have the correct trading name.


    1. Companies House has it listed as:

      Registered Office
      BN42 4AB
      Company No. 05405614
      Status: Active
      Date of Incorporation: 29/03/2005
      Country of Origin: United Kingdom
      Company Type: Private Limited Company
      Nature of Business (SIC): 74909 -
      Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
      Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2014 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
      Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2015
      Last Return Made Up To: 29/03/2014
      Next Return Due: 26/04/2015
      Mortgage: Number of charges: (0 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied)
      Last Members List: 29/03/2014

    2. Thank you 10.47, but there are no entries under that name 2013-14. When was the last session with creepy Andy? We need to know just HOW MUCH WAS SPENT.

    3. BINGO! Having gone back to 2010, there are payments to Frameworks 4 Change Ltd in the year 2012-13; that's all I've found to date.
      15.3.13 - £2,002.30
      6.3.13 - £1,950
      28.3.13 - £9,765.80

      So that's £14k down the toilet, unless anyone can remember sessions in other years. I must say I haven't noticed any more compassion kicking about at the Town Hall, so NOT 'best value'.

  7. Anyone interested in seeing the figures re the latest efforts which involved use of NHS England Winter Pressures funds? This was the four day "Compassionate Leader" course plus graduation. I seem to have acquired the spread sheet of all the figures. It looks like it was put through on the nod by the Chair of Hammersmith and Fulham CCG committing the other CCG across the Tri Borough area to matching it. . I am sure the details will find themselves winging their way towards the Dame forthwith. I do wonder what the Charing X campaigners will make of that one. In terms of other work using Tri Borough training funds helpfully provided by his pal Julia Patton the ex Officer now Andy Gandhi Associate, he has run events in all three Boroughs over a two year period including consultations on Home Care contracts. I was there. I nearly threw up in the pot plants. So it seems he has fingers in numerous pies in our area. NHS England should be made well aware of where their (our in fact) money went.

    1. Yes please send to the Dame, Ludo can go to work on them.

  8. For anyone in need of a laugh you can see a number of videos of Andy at work on YouTube. I recommend holding Andy Bradley theme parties round it where you all sit there in ethnic clothing, staring deeply into each others eyes over the canapes and seeing who can come up with the best pseudo spiritual Andyistic deepness. I am rather fond of his "my heart space is open". I know his sphincter is open with a bright BK light shining out of it. .

    1. Laugh, I nearly wet myself.

      take a look at

      Do you think this man actually believe his own shite and, please, tell me what the hell is he on (I really would love to be that high).

      To be perfectly honest, I would't trust him to service my own pet nanny-goat, let allow my prized BMW M5 Saloon.

    2. God it's scary. Particularly the line "I am coming out of the kitchen. I am coming towards you". I suspect I will not sleep well tonight. Is there REALLY money to be made by spouting this guff? Blimey, I missed a trick there...

    3. Just try watching the entirety of this video of Mr Bradley talking at The Janki Foundation’s AGM; a lecture entitled “Living and Dying with Dignity & Peace” (August 2013)
      ( )

      Suggest you start at 03:52 on the video’s time line and, if you can’t stand watching too much of this, then the ‘real must see’ is to view from 35:06 onward to the end.

      You may also like try Dadi Janki’s ‘Presidential Address’ which followed on from Mr Bradley talk (that's from 44:00 onwards). Dadi Janki is the Boss, the President of the Janki Foundation and Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.
      ( )

  9. This story is similar to the years of RBKC resident funded public art projects: dreamed up by the now thankfully ex Cllr O'Neil. His so-called charity had such a cosy relationship with Hornton St that competitive tendering was deemed unnecessary before residents' £250,000 was to be handed over to spruce up an old railway bridge; one due for demolition anyway . In that case residents complained bitterly and the council performed a swift u-turn. However the current case is far more serious. People have been paid to mess with residents' minds and emotions.


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