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Sunday, 28 September 2014


An insider has tipped off the Dame about what really lies behind the Council's ambition to stop Parkwood Hall School slipping from their avaricious grasp....and it makes perfect sense.

The Dame, being rather naive old lady, thought the referral of the Foundation Trust plan was driven by the Education Department's concern over the school's business plan.

The Dame was wide of the mark. 
She now hears it was Council's Property Services Dept which organised the referral!

So, if the Dame has been correctly briefed, it means that the Council can only organise a 'spoiler' by pushing through  a change to admissions criteria. 
Were they to do this it would lead to the school becoming unsustainable and face closure. 

For the Council that would be a very happy outcome.
It would mean it could flog off the land for tens of millions.

Six months ago the Family and Children's Services were told by property moguls, Rock F-M and his gofer, Michael Clark, to approach Sevenoaks Council to re-designate the land from green belt to housing; they were told to take a hike.
But then another option emerged. 
Maybe the school could be pushed into becoming an academy?
They would then lease back part of the land to the Academy and land bank the rest, pending a release of the land for building.

But whatever the council does it's clear the children of this fine school are of secondary consideration and money the prime motivation for any objections to a status change.


  1. Investigative journalism at its best. The Dame has caught the Royal Borough red handed. Trying to work the system to close a school in order to use the land for luxury development of houses. And a school for backward children as well. Greed has no bounds in K&C

    Just like selling off the Holland Park School playground for £110 million. How many holiday homes in Croatia and BMW cars for planning Councillors and Officers in Hornton Street did that provide?

  2. What sort of lowlife scum do we have as officers and councillors in RBK&C

    First they come for the elderly and infirm and close Thamesbrook.
    Then they go after social housing at the Wornington Green, Cremorne and Sutton Estates.
    And now these filth go after our children with special needs.

    The only interests they serve are those of developers and overseas interests.

    I would hate to think that they are just looking for jobs for themselves, and on a completely separate subject, congratulations to Sir Merrick Cockell for his new job as chairman of a property development consultancy.

  3. I have a child that attends Parkwood Hall School like nearly all the parents at this school we fought very hard and had to take our case to tribunal to allow my child to attend the school and receive a chance of an education. My child would be classed in the MLD status of Parkwood Hall if RBK&C have their way they want to change the school status to SLD and Autism, which means that my child and hundreds like him wouldn't have an education because they can't all cope in mainstream. Yet later in life they would expect my child to go out and get a job, how they think this will happen if children like my son don't get an education I really don't know! This school is unique and should be set as an example of how schools like these can work, instead Kensington and Chelsea would rather sell it for money. If you could see what I see and feel the things I have felt over the years, people would open more schools like Parkwood Hall School not close or change the status of it. Parkwood Hall School hasn't just given a place to my child its given a life back to our whole family.

  4. Scribe we prefer the term Special needs not backwards! here at Parkwood many of the children that attend the school maybe a little behind in some respects to children of their own age but many of them also outshine children in main stream schools in other respects especially in performing arts. we appreciate all the support we get this is a much loved and well respected school.

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