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Friday, 1 March 2013


Last night's Eastleigh result can't be written off as a mid term blip: Ukip beat Conservatives into a shameful third place with a fairly pedestrian candidate and minimal 'on the ground resources'
Naturally, the excuses come thick and fast, but Farage is probably right when he says, "What happened here in Eastleigh was not a freak result. Something is changing,” 

And it is the change that should worry the complacent Rotten Borough Conservative leadership. The Dame understands Cockell has decided to continue as leader until 2015. What is motivates him to take this suicidal course?
One assumes that with with no other visible means of support he is reluctant to give up the £70,000 a year. But being a rich resource of excuses he will doubtless produce some other spurious reason for clinging on.

The inexorable rise of Ukip and Farage's determination to field candidates in prime Tory K&C heartland should worry Conservative colleagues. Local Conservative voters might be diffident about doing the 'Ukip Skip' at a national level, but will be much more persuadable at a local level....after all, the Ukip message appeals to all their basic sub conscious fears about Europe and immigration.

Recently Farage boasted to The Dame that he plans to "have a go" at the Royal Borough. He says success will enhance Ukip prestige and show no Tory redoubt is safe from attack.

It might all be hot air, but there is impeccable logic to his strategy. 

Cockell has so much baggage that he will severely damage the election prospects for the Majority Group. This is the moment for brave and experienced Conservative councillors to take Cockell to one side and say 'for the good of the Party you must step aside'....they have nothing to lose but their seats.....

The Dame could not resist this pic of Greg Barker MP, former  chairman of Hammersmith Conservative Association. He is canvassing with his dog, Otto. I wonder who on earth thought it a good idea to being an expenses cheat and friend of Boris Bereskovsky down to Eastleigh....quite mad!


  1. That should make them fearful about losing their SRA'S and other allowances. I suspect Ukip could take over K&C of they continue doing so well. There will be much gnashing of teeth. Ukip will be able to get some zingy candidates this time around whereas all Pooter has is a load of has beens

  2. Cockle for a 15th year?! Has the K&C Conservative Party taken leave of its senses?

  3. With UKIP results like this the Conservative Party has only itself to blame


  5. He and they are not listening. Pre-Revolutionary Versailles?

  6. As usual the Conservative party just do not listen to the electorate. It is clear to me that a large proportion of core tory voters are sick and tired of how the party is being run. Following all sorts of ridiculous policies which clearly have damaged the party possibly terminally; top of the list being gay marriages. Clearly the only thing that matters is the economy and the economy alone, with out a recovering economy goodness knows where we will end up. Clearly, the Labour party are hopeless and should never form a government in the near future; however, Cameron must start serving the country more robustly and cease getting involved in white elephants such as gay marriages and focus of the really important issue; the economy. Unless, the Tories change and change quickly a large proportion of traditional voters (including myself) will seriously consider UKIP. No doubt about it, Nigel Farage and UKIP are a real alternative to the Conservatives and have come in leaps and bounds in recent months and no doubt about it do speak alot of sense. Conservative Central Office listen or ignore at your peril.

    On a local note a step in the right direction would be the removal of Sir Merrick as Leader!

  7. Gay marriage is an electoral disaster for the Tories. Why did they not think of a different name? Gay Union? Gay Triumph? Something to placate the stone age members of the Party


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