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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The £26 million Exhibition Road, paved with pink granite quarried by brutalised Chinese political prisoners, symbolises all that is rotten about our Rotten Borough. 
When you take a dangerous walk along the Road, avoiding all the speeding cars, you see how squalid it now looks...chewing gum, oil stains, rubber tyre marks and food residue(including vomit) now garnish the granite.
Nick Paget-Brown,desperate to justify this monstrous waste of money,instructed Mr FitzP of PR to put the road forward for any possible awards:watch out for one from Rubbish Bin Manufacturers Trade Association!

Talking his usual rubbish Prime Minister Pooter described the stainless steel rubbish bins each costing hundreds of pounds as  'iconic'- as if that justified having to clean each one several times a day. 
So small are the bins they continuously overflow causing litter to fall all over the 'iconic' roadway. 

If the millions had never been wasted on Exhibition Rd it could have been invested to generate well over a million pounds a year. Add in the cleaning costs of £300,000 a year and you can see why this folly is now 'costing' taxpayers £1.3 million a year....

What a mess!


  1. What a mess....£26 million down the gutter and just no shame

  2. Such outrageous folly and it will go on deteriorating. Sooner or later the entire thing will be recovered in tarmac.

  3. Chickens always come home to roost. Pooter and poodle Moylan were warned by residents that this whole vanity venture was a waste of tax payers money and infeasible. Just like Chelsea Care, the WEDGE, OHP and all the other extravagant ego gestures that the profligate K&C has become accustomed to.

  4. Is it true that one road sweeper has to spend his whole working day just polishing these litter bins? How much does that cost us?

  5. Utter disgrace, whilst vulnerable residents struggle to make ends meet and services are cut by stealth. Off with their heads


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