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Monday, 25 March 2013


According  Pippa Crerar in the Standard London council bosses are creaming it in.....she writes that most London council bosses received pay, perks and pensions of £200,000 each. 
It was no great surprise that the porcine looking Myers had pushed his peers out of the way in order to get next to the trough. 
One of the great myths council bosses like to promulgate is that they have to be paid these vast sums of money-if not  they would be poached by the private the Dame's vulgar nephew. Ludo, would say..."they got to be havin' a larf'....(yes, he tends to affects this dreadful way of speaking)
In fact, there has never been an instance of a council chief being poached by a private company...who would want one!

The Dame was talking to one well known City grandee resident who had this to say.....
"Since when has the private sector looked to Council chiefs to find "talent"? They are very skilled at spending"other peoples money" but would have no idea of how to generate income...spending money is what they are good for"

Councils claim they need to offer generous pay packages to attract the best talent from the private sector, but none of these people would get a comparable position in the private sector....least of all Myers-a social worker made very good....thanks to his equally over compensated mate, Prime Minister Pooter. One wonders if it's a case of back scratching...

Town halls across London spent almost £7 million on chief executive pay packages last year with some of the country’s poorest boroughs paying the biggest sums


Unsurprisingly the biggest earner was Derek Myers, who runs Hammersmith and Fulham as well as Kensington and Chelsea council, on £266,991. His take-home package included £209,800 salary, £10,500 bonus and £46,700 towards his pension pot.
Other chiefs — all in Tory-run boroughs — were close behind with Paul Martin at Wandsworth picking up £254,880, Nick Walkley at Barnet collecting £250,818 and Will Tuckley at Bexley receiving £244,897.


  1. Of course, Pooter and Myers need each other....disgusting greed on both their parts

  2. Chelsea Resident26 March 2013 at 00:12

    Myers now does very little at K&C. It is all part of the Tri-Borough Con. The Royal Borough pays and Hammersmith & Fulham is subsidised to the tune of millions.

    Myers originally got his vaste pay packet for getting Pooter out of scrapes and there were a lot of those.

  3. Who is actually subsidising Hammersmith and
    Fulham and for what.

  4. Hammersmith resident26 March 2013 at 09:19

    Yes, how is Hammersmith subsidised?

    1. Person Familiar With The Situation27 March 2013 at 06:13

      The Dame is wrong about this. K&C and Hammersmith each pay 50% of Mr Myers cost. Westminster declined to join in. They have retained their own CEO

    2. yes, but not very wrong....
      So if his salary reflects he is now doing two jobs it thus means that he has been vastly overpaid for years whilst running K&C.
      BTW it is always interesting to have your very well based comments....I am sure we are all intrigued to know who you might be!!!

  5. The Dame is quite right to highlight the "friends" party that has become the fashion in Hornton Street and now appears to spreading up the Road to Hammersmith. We are hearing less of the nonsense from overpaid Council CEO's that "they could get more in the private sector". This of course is a joke. They are unemployable in the private sector and the Dame is performing a public service by pointing this out.

  6. Retired Chief Executive27 March 2013 at 06:20

    It is not a good policy for CEO's to remain in post for too long. This is a good time for Kensington and Chelsea to take stock of the Leadership situation.

  7. Dame. Some of your readers are not the brightest and I don't mean just the Inspector. If you pay half someone's salary and they do all the work for someone else that is a subsidy. It is happening all over the Bi-Borough/Tri-borough


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