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Monday, 11 March 2013


After all the recent publicity about sexual harassment issues and Mr and Mrs Huhne perverting the course of justice you would think that the Lib Dem cesspit had been quite emptied. It appears not.... According to a report in the Telegraph one Lib Dem councillor has carved out a niche for himself in the murky world of planning. Greg Stone and his lobbying firm, Indigo, boast of a 90% success rate in getting consents for clients. In this remarkable hidden interview the twit can be seen( click here) boasting of how he can affect decisions

The stupid idiot was secretly filmed as he showed off about  his lobbying work using a countrywide network of councillors. 
The Dame is sure Indigo operates in K&C and awaits her various 'deep throats' tipping her off as to who Stone has on the payroll here.

Nothing demonstrates the rank hypocrisy of the 'holier than thou' Lib Dems than this shocking secret film. Of course, we can be certain....we hope...that our very own Lib Dems are not involved in this little money making venture. 

No councillor should profit from his public service....unless, he is Pooter, with his vast allowance.


  1. Dear Dame We hope you are keeping warm in this unclement weather? A little something to warm you up - have you read your daily torygraph this morning? Half of front page and double page inside spread re local councillors taking ‘fees’ to speed through planning applications against massive local opposition! In the light of this - do we know what our revered councillors are getting up to on this front? Councillor Warwick for instance, on record as finding commercial interests outweighing those of local residents ……

  2. Maybe this is why Labour got rid of Keith Cunningham?

  3. How about Lamont...before he got done for kiddy porn he was a 'planning consultant'

  4. The Dames cannot allow cllrs to be named as corrupt: it leads her wide open to action. UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF DO NOT DO SO-OR USE YOUR OWN NAME

    "Well, we are told a large proportion of planning Cllrs are bent as hairpins, and no, I don't mean in *that* way. (names of cllrs deleted by the Dame)"

  5. It's not so much that most planning councillors are bent, but they are told how to vote before committee meetings. Those who attend the meetings repeatedly hear majority party councillors criticise applications. Yet despite expressing their reservations, the same councillors dutifully vote to grant the flawed applications. The councillors are effectively whipped, so disregard contrary evidence and public opinion, invariably voting along party political lines.

    This practice is due to the Cabinet system of local government. New councillors soon learn that a very small clique runs the show. To gain preferment, backbenchers must prove their loyalty. Hence the appalling reputation of the planning committee.

    On the rarest of occasions the system fails. This may occur when there is overwhelming evidence of bias on the part of the planning department.


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