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Thursday, 28 February 2013


Whether Cockell gets away with his ludicrous plan to shift the local homeless to near bust Peterborough is a moot point. However, what this local blog so lucidly highlights is the character of council leader,'The Don' Marco Cereste.
He shares many of the unpleasant traits of our Prime Minister. Perhaps this accounts for their close friendship doubtless forged over expensive dinners and fine wines.One hopes it was not the Fat Duck....a favourite of our Prime Minister.
What a couple of puffed up poltroons!

Any resident, councillor or officer concerned about Cockell's judgment should take the trouble to read this local blog. The writer forensically examines an Open Letter recently written by Cereste trying to justify his extraordinary and secretive discussions with Cockell. 
Cockell needs his head examining doing business with the likes of Cereste.


  1. Very enlightening, if depressing blog. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee playing god with the lives of others. The two of them deserve each other; preferably in a locked room for a very long time.

    1. Perish the thought

  2. How on earth can this idiot Cockell be permitted to travel to another part of the country to discuss spending resident taxes from K&C to build houses in foreign parts. Hornton Street is out of control. No checks and balances. Tory Councillors have to wake up and understand what a rotten system is operating and they have the power to fix it. Move the Prime Minister out

  3. Dame, is there any legal basis in the Local Government Act to spend tax payer's money in this way?


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