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Thursday, 28 March 2013


The Evening Standard article on Mr Myer's huge 'package' has caused the poor of the parish of K&C and H&F to send begging letters to the Town Hall.....what impertinence!
Mole in the Hole, who provides the Dame with very witty cartoons, sent the Dame this beauty. For a simple mole his accompanying observation makes total sense...
Even Pooter is becoming jealous of Mr Myers, our local government tycoon!

Dearest Dame –
I find it ironic that the argument for paying council chief executives exorbitant salaries and bonuses is because “we need to attract the cream of people from the public sector” – but none of the recipients of these stipends have ever worked in said sector!
Anyway, I vent my molish spleen in this week’s cartoon.
Have a good Easter.
Yours, molishly,
The Mole in the Hole


  1. He is a greedy man

  2. Dear Dame,

    I have just heard that the President of Cyprus, an island whose enthusiasm for the Euro got the better of it, has stated that he is REDUCING his pay by

    25 per cent!
    Good for him.
    I suggest that, as a gesture of support, that the Blessed Leader and esteemed CEO of RBKC should offer a similar cut, perhaps 10 per cent. The resultant savings could go into a fund
    to help those single parents or disabled people who have fallen foul of the recent government benefit cuts!

    Yours Sincerely

    Melody Fruitwood

  3. Person Familiar With The Situation28 March 2013 at 21:07

    Myers is a skilful old bird. He has come out on top with a secure salary, the top salary, Gold Plated pension, and the envious position of two employers (K&C and Hammersmith) that he can play off against each other. Each one pays half his salary and he has two separate annual appraisals. This is a Governance joke

    1. This outcome is typical of a patronage society - the organisation approach favoured by Cllr Cockell. Seeds of destruction are deeply embedded.

      Rats nest.

    2. He is answerable to no one. Westminster saw through the power play by Myers and wisely kept on their own Chief Executive. So the Tri Borough has one Bi Borough Chief Executive and one Uni Borough Chief Executive. Pooter was irritated by the outcome because he of course is manoeuvring to become the Tri Borough Leader with his old pal Myers helping to ease the path. This is Pooters Plan B, lined up in case the House of Lords falls through and the LGA implodes

  4. Pact is too strong a word for it but there is an "understanding" between Myers and Prime Minister Pooter to consolidate their joint positions in the tri Borough with the unspoken expectation that the "added responsibility" will justify a huge boost in their respective pay and Gold Plated pension contributions. They both forget that the real Prime Minister gets paid less than the jumped up West London Town Clerk and will not be a walk in the park. Not even Holland Park


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