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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


A Councillor comments....

"He was never intending to go in the Bentley - and as for that patetic protest, it was just stupid. It is time the Dame supported the needs of under-priviledged children rather than a small bunch of dope smokers and pit bull breaders."

It is extraordinary for several reasons...

The councillor displays his gross ignorance and ill

education by making a comment which, in a sentence, 

contains  three spelling errors!

He should accept the Bentley remained unused  thanks to the 


The councillor should not insult residents-making a legitimate 

protest in this way-by describing them as dope smokers and 

pit bull breeders

Accept that the Dame, by attacking spending on the £23 

million Exhibition Rd and millions on Opera Holland Park, is 

preventing the diversion of resources to fripperies: thus she is 

supporting those in need.


  1. Long live the Dame! The champion of democracy in this most Rotten Borough.

    1. That may be, but there is no proof this comment is the work of a Councillor. So until then Hornet talks BS

    2. It is....Cllr Palmer cannot spell!!!!
      The Dame is not for turning

    3. Neither can the editor of the Guardian. Does not mean he and Palmer are one.

  2. These comments have outed yet again the blatant disdain these Councillors have for residents of this Borough.

    Does a Pit Bull Breader also dip them in egg? I am sure thats illegal? What an absolute twit.

  3. Anyone who braved the elements to protest at the disgraceful behaviour of Pooter & Co is a citizen worthy of respect.

    I believe the comments are a genuine expression of a conservative councillor's views. However badly spelled, they have a ring of truth. Many conservative councillors barely bother to hide their contempt for the less well off. It slips out whenever they open their mouths.

    1. What about wife beaters Hornet?

  4. Rather than relying on the watchful Dame to control our Council's spending, why not draft a council budget, and put it to a vote with a Consult the People campaign?

    Cell phone:07799647160

  5. The Grenfell Action Group website attracted 117 visitors on Wednesday. This was our best day ever in terms of visitor numbers - our previous best had been 91 visits.

    So, Matthew Palmer, if indeed it was you, and whoever else tried to smear us with these vile dope smoker and pit-bull breeder lies. You should look before you leap, because this is all just grist to our mill.

    Incidentally, the smears have not come from Tory sources alone. Some anonymous Labour commentator on, 11th march (in the "Tale of Two Worlds" item), referred to the now destroyed Lancaster Green as "a dog toilet and addict's pleasure ground" and characterised all opponents of KALC as "dope-smokers and saddos" (Cllr Atkinson perhaps?)

    We have enemies in both camps. And we fear neither of you.

    PS. Many thanks Dame for your unflinching support.

    Citizen Smith

  6. Palmer's comments take the biscuit! Could his constituents be reminded of these next time he tries to renew his membership of the pig trough that is RBKC's town hall?


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