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Monday, 11 March 2013



It looks as if The Dame will have to look to her laurels. Well done. Farage v Cockell...should be interesting!

EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage targets Kensington and Chelsea Conservative stronghold

Posted by Camilla Horrox on Mar 11, 13 10:54 AM in News

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has set his sights on the Conservative stronghold of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
He has also condemned projects like the new £100million Holland Park School and the £23m spent on repaving Exhibition Road last year branding the 'Conservative Cockell administration' as being 'divorced' from resident's values.
Following UKIP's relative success in the borough of Eastleigh beating Conservatives in the by-election, Farage is now focussing on winning Conservative seats across the country.
Farage said: 
"For years Conservatives have dominated councils like Kensington and Chelsea because the only alternative was Labour. All the evils of monopoly manifest themselves over the years and these councils become the pet projects of a self-satisfied group divorced from resident values and wishes.
"There is a massively disaffected Conservative vote in the borough. A resurgent UKIP shares many of the same values as the traditional Conservative voter. UKIP are aghast at the Tower Hamlets type profligacy of the 'Conservative' Cockell administration. Spending £100 million on the new Holland Park School costing twice what it should and offering not one extra place is bad business. Similarly, £23 million on pink granite imported from China to tart up Exhibition Road smacks of total disrespect to hard pressed taxpayers. For the first time in a long while UKIP offers Kensington and Chelsea Tories an alternative."
His comments about the Royal Borough come hot on the heels of a Labour budget amendment which included plans to scrap 'loss making and expensive luxuries' such as Holland Park Opera and Leighton House museum.
The amendment was thrown out at the meeting last week as a budget entailing no increase in Council Tax was passed by a majority Conservative vote.
The party came only 1,700 votes short of winning Eastleigh, which would have given it its first seat in Parliament.
Last week Mr Farage hinted that he would be willing to strike an electoral alliance with the Conservatives, but only if David Cameron was replaced as party leader.
More to come on the budget and council reaction to Nigel Farage's comments.


  1. Now that will be interesting....Pooter will get a scare!!

  2. Kensington Tory11 March 2013 at 19:29

    Good news

  3. Great to have a campaigning journalist at the Chronicle and great to have a National figure with his eye on the soft underbelly of conservatives in K&C

    Let the campaign roll

  4. This should send a collective shiver through the poodle pack

  5. Farage is a load of hot air and no action. Just think, if he had stood in Eastleigh he would have won - but he bottled out. He will bottle out in K+C as well.

    1. and you are who????? A silly little nobody....probably even Palmer!
      Read your papers and you will see he wants to prioritise the EU elections-hence his decision not to stand. As he nobly said Diane James was anyway a better candidate....which she prove to be putting you Tories into an ignominious THIRD PLACE! You lot are running you should be. Go UKIP...Go UKIP

  6. 20:55
    As a Tory I would love to agree with you but Farage, who I am not fond of is, is a very tough guy and we underestimate him at our peril. Calling him names is bad business. Cameron found that when he called UKIP fruitcakes etc. Electors don't agree and send a message at Eastleigh to that effect.
    So be careful what you say about the guy...Brits like underdogs!

  7. This is just about the only way of getting rid of the incompetent Cockell.

  8. A classic case of the extremist tail wagging the centrist dog.

  9. 22.07 how ill-informed are you? If Farage is concentrating on the EU elections so could not run in Eastleigh, how on earth can he run for the Council against Cockell when the European Parliament and Council elections are most likely to be held on the same day? This is just more silly UKIP posturing.

  10. You are clearly Palmer...only Palmer could be so dense! Did you read the K&C Chronicle as suggesting Farage would waste his time and status fighting some little councillor? The story is about Farage's UKIP V Cockell's clique of useless sycophants! Try not to be thick

  11. So Farage therefore needs good candidates who live in the borough - but they only have the one guy.


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