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Sunday, 3 March 2013


The Dame,digging deeper into the bursary, given by Pooter to Chelsea Arts Club member, Julian Wild, discovered  'an expert panel of club members' was responsible for awarding E. Sussex based Wild his £30,000 bursary. 
So why should we give our money over to any artist ...
let alone one living in East Sussex?
Instead let's dwell upon the construction of the Panel.
Sir Pooter is an Arts Club member....but does he know his fellow member, Julian Wild?
And was it Pooter's idea to involve Arts Club members judging other Arts Club members?
There has been a comment the Dame is a member and has her own reserve of Cristal stocked at the Club. 
What a terrible slight upon her. She is much more a 'Connaught' type of dame....when she can afford it.....
So she does admit to a degree of envy. Our Prime Minister-apart from the taxpayer funded allowance of £130,000 a year, has no other visible means of support. The perceptive will have noticed his annual income is a shade short of his 'great friend', PM Dave....


The Fat Duck Tasting Menu

£195 Per Person. Please allow 3 1/2 hours for this menu. NITRO POACHED APERITIFS. Vodka and Lime Sour, Gin and Tonic, Campari Soda. RED CABBAGE ... the conclusion we have to draw is that we are paying for school fees, exotic £3,000 a week luxury villa (Olympics) holidays, dinners at the Fat Duck and all the other trappings of plutocracy.

Luckily the Dame forbade his other extravagances of luxuriously cosseted trips to the US; use of the Bentley and  mystery $400 dinners for two at Keanes in New York.
God only knows what his expenses at the LGA are!

Little wonder he won't step down as leader......


  1. The Dame knows as well asI know that Sir Pooter will never leave without being froced to leave. Unfortunatley we have a party that looks after itself, arrogant, greedy and all in all not the same party as it was many years ago. This party is just brand, at National level, Cameron or in the case of local governement, brand Cockell. Do you really like what you see? I don't hence I am open to fresh ideas and ideas which I empathise with and so UKIP will continue to eat into the Conservative vote. Cameron and now Haigh just don't see it.

  2. Concerned Abingdon resident4 March 2013 at 15:10

    This Cockle (spelt Cockell) seems an expensive crustation. I have seen the amounts we have to pay keeping in the style to which he became acustomed, but in different places. Could the Dame put them all in one place so we can see how he tots up his loot? We could then compare him to others who are ransacking the public purse.

  3. Obscene antics while the least well off are suffering real cuts.


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