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Friday, 15 March 2013


The Dame has heard that our Prime Minister has been rallying his 'Cabinet' fearful in the face of the threat from Nigel Farage...his bete noir.This is an extract from the PM Pooter's speech as to how he intends fighting the UKIP threat...." 

"We shall defend our Rotten Borough, whatever the cost may be( we have £170 million in reserves). We shall fight UKIP on Exhibitionist Rd, we shall fight over Opera Holland Park..
......we shall never surrender!!!


  1. The pathetic creature is shitting bricks

  2. The Tories love power. If the Conservative Group in Hornton Street think that Cockell is the wrong man to fight UKIP then they will dump him

  3. The fact that UKIP think they have a chance in what has been a staunch Tory Borough is now a blatant testimont to the dreadful treatment residents of this Borough have been subjected to by this council. They have not only spent fragrantly they have ignored at their peril the very people who trusted them to take care of them. Let the games begin.

  4. I hope enough people vote UKIP to give Sir Pooter the boot

  5. I thought it was £170m, not £170k. It does rather feel like being robbed.

  6. It is £170m. And that's before the £110m that selling the Holland Park School playground will bring in.


  7. HOT FROM Peterborough....


    Marco Cerestes' new best friend Sir Merrick to face UKIP onslaught?

    For new readers: Kensington & Chelsea Leader Sir Merrick was dubbed "Prime Minister Pooter' by the Royal Boroughs' From the Hornets Nest Blog penned by the well informed 'Dame'. They first alerted PBROtrib to our own 'Dear Leader Cereste' secretly brown nosing Sir Merrick at a toffs cocktail party and according to Marco several subsequent meetings. We'll be checking the expenses, according to the 'Dame' Sir Merrick has astronomically expensive international tastes...

    Marco seemingly, without full consultation, offered to facilitate the building of houses for the Kensington & Chelsea 'overspill' social housing population, plus a few 'exec' homes for Kensington toffs in Peterborough ... RBK&C recently spent £23 million, just replacing the pavements on Exhibition Road, more precisely £23 million on pink granite imported from China, and RBK&C spends over £1 million a year on an under canvas open air opera company, the RBK&C would seem to be very keen to offload the latter onto Peterborough - They'd go down really well at the Peterborough Beer Festival, and can even bring their own tent as well !

    We in turn, could offer them POSH ( a football club ) which seems to fit in well with the theme of TOFFS and the RBK&C. ( possibly renamed WELL POSH or POSH KENSINGTON FC. After all Wimbledon moved to Milton Keynes... ) The old LONDON ROAD ground released, would then expand the aspirational riverside fun park development. To complete the circle, possibly a slice offered back to RBK&C for housing....Simples!

  8. One of the many problems with the current Cabinet in Hornton Street is that they are all grey men. Boring to their finger tips. Not the sort of people who could do battle with the colourful Farage and win.

    And if Farage takes on the other disaster politician in the Borough, the utterly useless and lazy Riffy Rifkind MP, that would be interesting. The media would have a ball and residents a laugh a minute

    1. Cllr Mills should stand as Leader of K&C. She has the character and presence to see off the opportunist Farage

    2. Are you serious???? Farage an opportunist. If that means he sees an opportunity to provide a focus for disillusioned Conservatives then you are correct. These sorts of crass insults are puerile and as for suggesting that Cllr Mills could 'see off' a UKIP attack in RBK&C.....yiou must be stupid or naive. Farage has national standing....whose heard of Mrs Mills... a little local cllr

  9. K&C badly needs a shot of common sense Conservatism, UKIP style, to restore Tory roots to the Royal Borough

  10. May is approaching. The Conservative Group will decide who will lead K&C for the next year. Why is disaster Pooter hanging around?

    Hornton Street needs a refresh. The stench is astounding

  11. Is Rifkind still alive? Surely not. He certainly hasn't lifted a finger to assist his constituents for years.
    He always considered the public and its concerns an unwelcome distraction from his pronouncements on foreign affairs.


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