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Wednesday, 6 March 2013



A concerned resident forwarded to the Dame, a letter he had sent to 'Doctor' Vincent  Cable. Unsurprisingly...not even the courtesy of a reply....but then Vince and Clegg have much on their minds. Did Vicki Pryce tell our two heroes she had taken points? If it can be proven she did then they become accessories after the fact... couldn't happen to a more unpleasant pair!

The Rt. Hon Vince Cable MP
The House of Commons
London SW1

15th February 2013

Dear Doctor Cable

Some advice please.

My ninety six year old neighbor has lived in her flat for forty years. She is now in extremely poor health. As her executor I am privy to her financial position. I have advised her that the introduction of your proposed property tax will force her to leave her beloved flat.
I am certain you can provide suitable words of solace, I can convey, on your behalf, to this vulnerable old lady.

Yours sincerely

Thanks to Cameron, Vince got lucky: instead of a failed career as a third rate economist he managed-to the detriment of us all-get an nice little earner as Business Secretary! So busy is Vince thinking up more stupid ideas to destroy business that he refuses to answer this heartfelt plea.
This is an issue that affects the wards of our Lib Dem councillors, but typically don't expect a response from them...far too busy wangling a Leader's SRA!

A friend of Linda Wade once reported, 
" Linda likes to work behind the scenes" Hilarious, but not much help to a terrified ninety six year old......
We give up on the fey Cllr Caruana, but surely Linda might have something to comforting to say...even if her boss lacks the courage....


  1. All you ever see is Lib Dems and their stupid clipboards

  2. As the executor of this lady’s Will you presumably know who the beneficiaries of her estate are. I suggest you contact them and ask them to take responsibility for paying the mansion tax – should it ever come to pass – on behalf of this lady. After all, they will come into a fine inheritance once she is gone.

    1. Pathetic and envious little comment. The evil of the Mansion Tax is the notion of an old lady living off an overdraft, settled for many years in her home which is badly in need of repairs but which she cannot afford, and finding it hard to make ends meet. And probably visiting the thrift shops. And suddenly faced with a demand for £20k per year Mansion Tax. Whoever the prat at 16.18 happens to be, please think about this.

    2. The typical "beneficiary" is a financially stretched sibling. Where will they find £20k Mansion Tax. Every year. 16.18 is clearly one of the idiots born every minute

    3. 6.35, this person is not an idiot. Just a Socialist who has no business in Kensington. They should move to Liverpool. The backward person cannot understand that certain people work hard all their life, save and invest, and at the end of their life their ambition is to pass something on to their family. It is why they worked hard in the first place and made such a contribution to Britain. Our friend is clearly from the world of benefits, from cradle to grave, not an ounce of contribution to anyone or anything, just a sponge on society

  3. Typical dumb response....what happens if they don't have the income to pay it and after IHT has been paid there won't probably be enough in the estate. You should go and work for Cable: you are dense enough!

  4. You obviously don't understand inheritance tax.

  5. And you do? Enlighten us please

  6. How embarrassing to have this useless man leading British business.....I betcha' he knews that Huhne's wife lied...what a bunch of tossers


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