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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Nothing defines the sad decline of this once great nation than the appointment of the appalling John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons. As for his wife........words fail the Dame
Under Bercow's chairmanship the Boundary Commission is taking a look at electoral inequalities in the Rotten Borough.

You can read all about their recommendations Boundary Commission
18 wards will be retained, but four of these, north of Notting Hill Gate, will become two-member wards giving 50 Councillors overall.

The consultation on these proposals now runs to 10 June.

It important stuff and the Commission wants to hear your reactions.....


  1. 2 councillors instead of 3 per Ward in North Kensington. Clever. This is where Labour and the Libs habitate. Will reduce their numbers in Hornton Street.

  2. The pathetic opposition in K&C will become even more pathetic

  3. Difficult time for Labour. They will need to trim their councillors. Lets hope they trim wisely - starting with Landlord Des, that dreadful "old Labour" champagne socialist (without the style of Jenkins)

    1. An opportunity for Labour to clean the house

  4. What will the Inspector do? Try to find a safe seat elsewhere?

    What about Norland? Who will go from there? May you live in interesting times.

  5. 1816. The Conservatives proposed 17 3 member wards.. It is Labour and the Liberals who went down the route of some 2 member wards. So they really got what they were asking for but perhaps in the wrong places. Too clever by 'arf perhaps...

    Brompton is wiped off the map so 3 Conservative seats go so that offests the 2 member wards in North Ken. Cremorne becomes Chelsea Riverside and will be quite a bit harder for Labour to win-not impossible-but probably enough to put them off really going for it.

  6. Not sure what you lot are on about, from my angle it seems Labour has an opportunity to return 13 Councillors.

    Time for the Conservatives to 'clean house' perhaps, starting with someone who's been a bit naughty in Brompton.

    You know who you are.

  7. Please - not another by-election in Brompton? Presumably the miscreant will be protected, like Andrew Lamont and then quietly replaced at the elections next year by either a good Tory or a loony UKIP?

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