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Friday, 29 March 2013


Why is Eric Pickles still giving the Local Government Association £25.5 million of our money?

Just as the Dame predicted defections from the Local Government Association, chaired by our squatting leader, "Prime Minister' Pooter Cockell, are coming thick and fast. Brighton & Hove have now given the LGA the elbow saving themselves £80,000 a year. The floodgates are open....

It leads residents to ponder how much the Rotten Borough is paying the useless FOI someone please. 

The Dame suspects that it is well in excess of £100,000 a year...still it helps to pay Pooter's huge stipend. 
Time for the pathetic Lib Dems to join Labour and demand that residents cease having to pay out for this hopeless quango

Even Conservative Home are campaigning to abolish this ludicrously expensive and 'unfit for purpose' LGA

Maybe no one needs to do anything: it seems like the LGA is self destructing


  1. As well as the formal subscription, RBKC is subsidising the LGA by all the money it allocates to Cllr Cockell's over-staffed private office - and probably a lot of his travel and subsistence costs as well. The justification for all this is that his chairmanship of this moribund organisation raises RBKC's profile nationally and brings us tangible and intangible (e.g."status") benefits.

  2. It is very sad that we need a recession such as this, which is causing huge hardship to many millions of families, before those in power decide that it is time for useless Quangos suc has the LGA to be abolished.

    The true purpose of these Quangos in the first place is to provide comfortable retirement homes (at the expense of the tax payer) for troughers such as Cockell.

    The price of democracy

    1. Cockell's well known survival instincts seem to have deserted him. His LGA members are leaving in their thousands.

      Lets hope this breath of fresh air spreads to the Royal Borough. Then we can all rejoice

    2. Pooter on the skids........

      Wonderful sight

  3. Stand Up For Britain30 March 2013 at 10:00

    Interesting to see from the Conservative Home Article that Prime Minister Sir Pooter Squatter Cockell has been briefing that growing UKIP support in K&C is nothing more than a "few malcontents moaning about Holland Park School".

    Our boy can always be relied upon to bully the huge PR Department in Hornton Street to brief on his personal behalf. After the abolition of the LGA the next economy that needs to be urgently secured is the £1 million a year propaganda organ in Hornton Street

    1. Followed swiftly by the £170k per year Sir Cockle

    2. You are right SUFB
      We have one of the largest and most expensive PR departments....comparative to size...of any other council. Nearly 9 Press officers!!!!!

    3. Fitzpatrick and his crowd need to be slimmed down. An Office of two plus secretary should be more than adequate

  4. Obviously Squatter Cockell had got wind of this. We were wondering why he was suddenly speaking out on behalf of 'hard-pressed Councils' against the cuts; self-servative to the core.

  5. What an opportunity to run a "No Confidence" campaign


  6. Time for Sir Merrick to say goodbye!

  7. Conservative Home tries to say just a few malcontents have criticised him. Locally in K&C it it is very different he is regarded as a living (almost) walking disaster.

  8. No need to shed tears for Squatter Cockle. When he is made redundant from his £60k per year part time post as Leader of the LGA he will get two years severance pay, including £30k tax free. This monster trougher is a Leader of the Public Sector gravy train

  9. I am sick to death of the layers of bureaucracy which are meaningless for local people, who by stealth are having their support services cut. Off with his head.

  10. Do not underestimate the ability of the rats nest to scramble and shore up the troughing. Consider
    (i) Cockell liked to use the Bentley to take him to the airport and arrive in style at meetings. He loves to puff himself up
    (ii) residents complained to the District Auditor
    (iii) the District Auditor asked the Chief Executive (Derek Myers) what was going on?
    (iv) Myers replied that he authorised Cockell to use the Bentley "to save taxi fares"
    (v) "That's OK then" said the auditor

    1. The Dame's Investigator31 March 2013 at 09:04

      And of course when residents complained to the Council that Cockell was flying First Class to the America for "jollies", paid for by the tax payer, Myers changed the K&C Expense Rules to allow First Class travel.

      Note to Editors: Mr Myers is the highest paid Town Clerk in the Land

  11. District Auditors routinely condone local government rackets.


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