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Sunday, 9 October 2011

You Could Not Make it Up...Cockell talks PR!

PR Week report on Der Leaders' views about how PR can be used to mislead fortunate the Dame is there to put them right and what utter nonsense Cockle spouts. It is even more embarrassing knowing that his own useless PR Dept costs us £ millions a year: does he think we are all stupid?

left: greedy Der Leader

Der Leader has hit out at 'cringeworthy' public sector comms. ....'no more 'defence mode'....'lets go on the attack' he challenges us all!
Must be talking about his vast £120,000 a year allowance and gluttony at taxpayers' expense in NewYork  Merrick goes greedy in the Big Apple-The Standard
In his inaugural speech as chairman at last week's LGA conference, Cockell said: 'We know that nothing has a greater impact on our public reputation than perceptions about the extent to which we deliver value for money, the degree to which we are seen as flexible and responsive, and the level of overall competence that the public ascribes to us.'
He added that some council communication with the public can be 'cringeworthy'. Could he be talking about the £500,000 opening of the Portobello lavatories organised by the £90,000 a year head of Rotten Borough PR Mr Fitzpatrick
See link for this....really cringeworthy event!!! Bogging Off


  1. Cringeworthy indeed! Even painful!

    Does anyone know why there was a placard of a bare behind behind the Mayor as she made her speech? Was this some kind of local protest?

    And who was the blithering posho with no hair?

  2. Cockell really does have a bad dose of 'foot in mouth' disease.

    After his 'transparency' comments, this is unbelievable. Does he really not know that people know he's saying the precise opposite of what he means?

  3. How on earth did Cockell manage to con so many people:he sounds a complete plonker

  4. And who was the blithering posho with no hair?

    9 October 2011 20:54

    None other than Mr Paget-Brown!!!

  5. Goodness, he looks like a character from an Ealing comedy! Please tell me he isn't anyone important ...

  6. he is a very important and well paid personage. Adores Der Leader!!

  7. The man is a creep - he was in overdrive at the Conservative Conference in Manchester promoting himself as only he knows how to do.

    On three occasions I saw Cockell walking in the shadow of Cabinet Ministers outside the conference hall hoping for that photo opportunity

    Pooters craving for the high and mighty is now a sickness.

  8. Perceptions about value for money, indeed!

    This freeloader has been found out more than once for playing fast and furious with tax payer's money. New York is a favourite watering hole with travel in style. The K&C Mayor's Bentley to and from Heathrow, First Class Virgin travel, stretch limos at JFK, and Five Star Hotels (including the SAME hotel made famous by Dominic S Khan). And Pooter's habit of stretching conference jollies to include tax payer funded weekends in New York, Boston and San Francisco.

    In addition to all of this profligacy, you and I (dear tax payer) stumped up $414 to pay for dinner for two (bill presented to London Councils by Cockell to feed his friend and fellow councillor Ian Clement at New York's Keanes restaurant) and another bill for $300 to feed a "friend" whose name he forgets (on a Saturday night) at the swanky Four Season's Restaurant (bill presented to K&C and approved by the £250k per year Town Clerk Derek Myers (Town Clerk's salary "recommended" by Cockell).

    Local Govt Secretary of State Eric Pickles has let it be known that Town Clerk salaries in excess of £100k are a rip off......

    Perception? Reptile Cockell???

  9. Shocking

    But it cannot be true

  10. Cllr Cockell's friend Ian Clement is now the disgraced ex Cllr Ian Clement. Fired from the GLA for fiddling his expenses and prosecuted and convicted by the police for a specimen £18 credit card fraud against the GLA.

    Is Cockell a fit person to hold a tax payer funded credit card? He has at least two: one from Kensington and Chelsea and one from the Local Govt Association

    Both credit cards should be withdrawn

  11. All of this is taken out of context. Sir Merrick Cockell always acts in the best interests of Kensington and Chelsea and is a dedicated public servant

  12. Up Yours
    If you don't stop grovelling to the ghastly Cockell your mouth will fill with soil. Stop it....Cockell is just a joke who went into local government because he could make no money anywhere else. he is a greedy little man!

  13. The Town Clerk's salary was not recommended by Cllr Cockell, 09.31

    It was recommended by London Councils

  14. Officer
    I agree but who was chairman of London Councils when the recommendation was made? Yes....none other than his old mate Der Leader Cockell.....

  15. Its a corrupt system 10.57: years of infiltration and institutional exploitation.

    Its what happens after 14 years of the absolute power by Cockell as Leader of Kensington and Chelsea. A situation that has gone on unchallenged - largely because it was all happening behind closed doors and the dustbins were being cleared on time.

    But now, thanks to Freedom Of Information and the tireless efforts of the Dame to expose the rotten Leader of a Rotten Borough, Conservative councillors have the opportunity (actually, duty would be a better word) to clear out and clean up....

  16. Cllr Cockells trips to America to attend functions in New York, San Francisco and Boston were training and personal development initiatives, approved by the Town Clerk Derek Myers.

    Use of the Mayor's Bentley for travel to and from Heathrow was also approved by the Town Clerk in order to save taxi fares (reply to FOI request)

  17. This needs to be brought under control before it brings the Conservative Party into disrepute

  18. Anonymous 11:25. Tell me if Myers 'approved it' why has he tried to get Cockle to pay back some of the money? FOIs showed that there was not even a file note to prove that Myers had approved anything. Why did Cockle put a note on the web saying he had only been on one holiday, sorry a slip of the keyboard, I mean educational visit? And by the way many of the expenses broke the rules about councillors' expense claims. As for 'Up Yours' what planet is he or she on? I think Dr Tannock's skills are needed for a new patient.

  19. Cllr Cockells trips to America to attend functions in New York, San Francisco and Boston were training and personal development initiatives, approved by the Town Clerk Derek Myers.

    10 October 2011 11:25 so personal development means $400 dinners for two with the crook Ian Clement. Think I will have a bit of that. Grow up and use your head. If every council leader went of on £10,000 jollies we would be in and even worse state. Cockell is a sponger

  20. When FOI probes uncovered Cllr Cockell's jollies to America, starting with Bentley rides to and from Heathrow, angry residents started to ask awkward questions via the press and the Evening Standard blew the whistle.

    It was fascinating to see how the system in Hornton Street swung into damage limitation mode. Cllr Cockell got the Town Clerk, Derek Myers, to put a statement on the Council web site saying that he had approved the visits.

    Further challenges drew the response from Derek Myers that the visits had been paid for under the Council's "personnel training budget" and no special approvals were required.

    And then the rules covering expense claims were elaborately changed and approved at a Council meeting making them even more generous eg approving First Class travel, because the old rules were "ambiguous". It was ironic that the rule changes for K&C councillors were made in the same week that travel for Air Force Chiefs and Generals was downgraded from First to Second to help the economic crisis....

    In other words, the whole gravy train in Hornton Street was routine business.

    Now we know

  21. This is getting very smelly

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