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Friday, 14 October 2011

Getting Priorities Right-Moylan in tearful address

The other day the taxpayer funded £140,000 a year Danny 'Boys' Moylan took to the council chamber floor and made an impassioned speech in defence of residents.

 left: a man transformed

Hardened and cynical councillors were moved to tears as he regaled them with a story of how the swingeing cuts-authorised by his nemesis, Der Leader, had ripped the heart out of community.  As he spoke his large frame wobbled with emotions and huge crocodile tears rolled down his puffy and pallid cheeks.What could have caused this outpouring of emotion? Tearful residents in the public gallery were astonished by this 'road to Damascus' conversion of the former hard man and devout Catholic.
Was Danny Boy about to plead for Elaine Macdonald whose carer's allowance was 'snatched' so fripperies like the new 150 litre V50 Bentley limo(used by Der Leader to save taxis fares, according to Mr Myers) could be maintained?

left: Elaine Macdonald....a true victim of cuts

Tragically, the answer was no. Under Standing Order 19, where Councillors can speak for two minutes about Matters of Local Concern, Moylan was keen to point out his concern for residents accustomed to attending drawing classes at Leighton House. Apparently there had previously been two courses of classes of 16 weeks each per year. However in a shocking and callous move, this has been 'wilfully cut back' to two courses of eight weeks each. This is due to the installation of an Artist in Residence who allegedly needs the space. But, as Danny Boys said, 'Where is the work?' It would seem that the former Deputy Leader has just commenced his leadership campaign....and The Dame is keen to apply for this delicious sinecure.....


  1. Moylon has opened his Leadership campaign! Well spotted, Dame

    I hear that Cllr Lightfoot has also told friends that he intends to stand. A growing list of potential troughers.....

    Where is the radical outsider who will clear out and clean up the fiefdom? We need to find this person

  2. This is a bit rich coming from the man who wasted £24 million of tax payers money to import pink granite from China in order to create "shared space" for cars and pedestrians in Kensington's Exhibition Road.

    And the man who wanted to waste another £5 million to reconfigure Sloane Square - this was spiked by a terrified Cllr Cockell who caved into the threats of Chelsea residents and Dr James Thomson to form a protest party

    The man who spent £10 million to install stainless steel lamp posts in High Street Kensington.

    And more stainless steel to replace beautiful wrought iron street ware in the Kings Road

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    But of course we are talking about Cllr Moylaon, the bus drivers son from Birmingham

  3. Lady Faulks would never be so two faced,14.47

    Breeding counts

  4. Up Yours
    With all due respect breeding has nothing to with the Faulks peerage: merely that her husband organised funding for the Party. Don't be such a naive little very lower class git.

  5. Tut tut, dear Anonymous - do you not know that Up Yours is the great grandson of a Viscount - so he cannot possibly be "very lower class". The remaining epithets suit him very well, however.

  6. very funny Debrett
    I am the grand nephew of a baronet...but he was as common as hell! BTW who is Up Yours so we can defer to him

  7. Wake up at the back there, Annymous 19.15, Up Yours is none other than Driveller, Rev R Slicker, Dick Scratcher, Ginney Toenick and various other childish pseudonyms. Still no idea? Why it is our own little big man, entrepreneur and diplomat, permanently on Saturday detention for breaking every rule in the book.

    How does he get away with it? Is he another major Tory donor?

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