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Monday, 31 October 2011

Poaching and Gamekeeping

 left: Hanham...poaching and gamekeeping

The Dame's old friend Baroness Hanham 'of this parish'
has been fine tuning  bits of the Localism Bill-as it applies to the operation of local authority Standards Committees'.
Fortunately, the Baroness, being ex Leader of the Rotten Borough is well up to speed on the shady ways of the Rotten Borough, so she has been very clever and insisted on an amendment which demands that committees operate according to some high falutin' standards.
Interestingly, it was Lady Hanham who gave Cockell great moral support when he was severely criticised for his luxury overseas trips and grossly over the top dinners. And it was she who did so much to ensure he never appeared before the Standards Committee!
The Dame thinks Lady H was just a little tongue in cheek, but anyway this is how she is expecting our very own Standards Committee to operate. From experience, the Dame would say an impossibility.....

(a) selflessness;
(b) integrity;
(c) objectivity;
(d) accountability;
(e) openness;
(f) honesty;
(g) leadership.


  1. Lady H is an old world Tory. Appearance is everything and the status quo is what it is about.

    But the world has moved on old girl. You are a beached whale

  2. This woman could have done so much to get rid of Cllr Cockell, or at least moderated his abuse of tax payer funds and the distruction of democracy in K&C.

    She herself was Gobsmacked by power and stayed too long as Leader in K&C (11 years). But she listened to friends and with difficulty, let go. The Borough has Cllr Buffy Buckmaster to thank for his quiet diplomacy.

    Unfortunately Cockell is a master of flattery and the old girl so enjoyed being ex Queen that she was blind to everything else.

    Now out of harms way

  3. Cllr Cockell now in his 14th year as Leader

    Rampant splurging of tax payers money. £2.6 million bung to the Design Museum is the latest scandal.

  4. Joan was a force to behold on the Standards Committee. Her strong personality smothereed the dwarfs around her (Wade, Coleridge, Ware et al) and her style was to belittle and dismiss any critic of the Royal Borough, whatever the evidence.

    In fact, she never even bothered to read her brief. This would have been a sign of weakness. And might seriously undermine objectivity

  5. And the Royal Borough is a better place because of her.

    Lady Hanham is a model person for all of us. Upright, fearless, the best of British

  6. Stooge is the word that comes to mind. Sycophant is another word that sticks to Joan Hanham.

    With the likes of her it is better not to have a Standards Committee - it breeds hypocrisy and alienates the electorate

  7. Retired Chief Executive31 October 2011 at 11:03

    This is the age of Freedom of Information and the Internet. Lady Hanham came up in an era of closed doors and quiet conversations. Out of sight and out of mind.

    By training and instinct she is probably not the best qualified person to be examining standards in public life

  8. Joan’s strength and her weakness is that she could not understand that there could be an opinion other than the one she held. She steam rollered everyone and to see her in committee was something to behold. But she had a number of qualities that Disaster Cockell totally lacks. She was intellegent, had a real sense of the ‘right thing’, and above all she was not short of money. She also had two great men behind her, Alan Taylor, her chief executive and Iain her husband. The real problem is that her legacy was Disaster Cockell, with his unfortunate chief executive, his total lack of vision and his constant shortage of money. But Joan on Standards could never work, protecting the good name of her beloved borough took precedence above anything else

  9. Dear Dame, these are the Standards in Public Life, that every good and honest Councillor has pinned above their desk to keep them on track.

    I said 'every good and honest Cllr'.

  10. She was pretty awful on the Planning Committee too. Anyone who dared to question a council proposal got fixed in her stare before she barked.

    Aggressive females are most unattractive creatures

  11. Cllr Holt is terribly upset by this anti Lady Hanham blog

  12. Up Yours
    if you continue to be pedantically boring you will be banned. The Dame has informed me that you are in the Last Chance Saloon.....
    Dame Aide


    Up Yours
    if you continue to be pedantically boring you will be banned. The Dame has informed me that you are in the Last Chance Saloon.....
    Dame Aide

  14. Up Yours
    If you learn to spell and stop being sycophantic and lower middle class in your attitude to the 'gentry' you will be allowed but just don't be a frightful bore
    Dame Aide

  15. Dear Dame,

    Please don't ban Cllr Pa-, I mean Up Yours, he is good for some comic relief on these boards.

    If you ban him he will just pick some new name anyway. He truly cannot help himself.

  16. Dear Dame,
    I agree with Ladybird please don't ban him, he has clearly been set a 'secret mission' to find out what he can about who supports you.

    The Nits of the Square Table are frustrated that you have some honourable people who want the best for the residents they represent. UY reactions to the Dame and her revelations is a good barometer.

  17. The Dame has reported to me that she will spare Up Yours from banishment as long as he makes an effort to be less of a bore
    Dame Aide

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