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Friday, 14 October 2011

Do As We Say-Not As We Do

left: the 6 mpg £120k Bentley favoured by Sir Cockle

The Dame is grateful to gorgeous and hardworking Emma Heseltine of the K&C Chronicle for this story and the hyper perceptive reader comment.

"This year, Kensington and Chelsea Council's community bus will be out and about and officers will be on board to talk about how the council is reducing its own emissions, saving money and adapting to climate change, and how residents can do the same.
The bus will be at Worlds End Plaza on Tuesday October 25 from 9am to 4pm, then at Sainsbury's in Ladbroke Grove two days later, at the same times.
For more information, contact the environment team on 020 7341 5166 or email"

 What is the Council doing wasting resources on this pointless exercise? It is not a job for a hard pressed local council. As the reader comments why the hell are the Council running two gas guzzlers- a vast 6 MPG Bentley and Jaguar. What cant and hypocrisy and just job creation opportunities for under worked officers.

A Kensington&Chelsea Chronicle reader comments...

As with all matters RBKC, hypocrites!
Inter alia, they could:
1) Sell off, for starters, their gas guzzling Bentley bought for Derek Myers and used by Cockell;
2) Stop taking tax payer funded international trips - all unnecessary;
3) Wasting resources by couriering documents to councillors abroad.
Better still, get rid of all the hot air filled windbags, aka, RBKC councillors.



  1. Howzabout a golden g-wiz complete with tiara to replace the bentley?
    Stylish green and nifty.

  2. Howzabout a golden g-wiz complete with tiara to replace the bentley?
    Stylish green and nifty.

  3. Sir Cockle did think of this but felt that as Westminster had a Bentley he wanted one too!!
    The Provost of Aberdeen is driven in a Skoda

  4. As a taxpayer, I am smouldering over the spending of £120,000 on a Bentley running at 6 miles to the gallon.I am amazed at the ecological hypocrisy in terms of not saving energy and not reducing carbon emissions.

    I think Sir Merrick Cockell owes the taxpayerg a public apology for treating us like idiots, or being an idiot himself, to claim to be using the Bentley to save taxi fares!A simple calculation will show that the Depreciationof the Bentley,Standing, waiting 24 hours a day, and the six mpg petrol costsW will exceed any likely taxi fares.

    I think Sir Merrick should downsize his Bentley and use his own bicycles!


  5. The huge Bentley pictured is not the Mayoral car which is a rather more modest- relatively - modern saloon
    purchased as an ex-demonstrator for
    about £95,000.It averages over 20mpg in town in contrast to its
    predecessor a 40+ years old huge
    Rolls-Royce Phantom VI which,bought
    second hand,gave about 30 years
    service to as many Mayors.Unfortunately in recent years it became increasingly
    expensive to maintain and broke
    down freqently so was sold which
    helped fund the Bentley which should serve future Mayors for 20
    to 30 years.

  6. 15 October 2011 12:43

    You are talking utter rubbish. This is a car that because of it's engine size can do no more than 7/8 mpg around town;it has a massive depreciation rate;it is very expensive to maintain and sets a poor example. The purchase was forced through by Cockell. A Jaguar-a good British car- could have been purchased for half the price. Stop bullshitting taxpayers please.
    Ex Creamer and Co salesman

  7. How much did the number plate for the Bently cost 12.43? And also the cost of the number plate for the Jag please...

    RBKC1 and RBKC2

    Such plates from the press can cost ca £50k each

    We should sell the lot (number plats, Jag and Bentley, abolish the office of Deputy Mayor, and buy a car more in keeping with the times for the Mayor

  8. If we are combining with Westminster and Hammersmith, we could save loads by having one Mayor and one car for the "super" Borough

    And of course this would not put at hrisk the quality of service which is going to nosedive once we implement the "hosting" of services by one Borough on behalf of all three Boroughs. This is one one of the most absurd organisation proposals ever, that could only come from people without the first clue..

    Just wait and see what happens to care for the elderly in Kensington and Chelsea

  9. 12.43 you are a plonker.

    The 6 liter V12 engine in the Bentley (made by Audi in Germany) cannot possibly do 24 MPG. Check your facts.

    Put the Mayor in the 4 liter Jag (engine made in Britain) and you might get 20MPH. But not all the time....

    The driver and the Mace bearer seem to have many "errands" to run around the Borough and they can frequently be seen "two up" racing around our narrow streets under heavy acceleration (and 5 MPG). I must say that they lok the part - very Bonny and Clyde

    The provost of Aberdeen gets 66 MPG in his diesel engined Skoda

  10. And dont forget the high speed dashes to Heathrow (3 MPG) to rush the self important Cllr Cockell to his First Class VIgin Flights to New York, Boston and San Francisco. Working his council provided Blackberry all the way and thinking of his next holiday and all the airmiles he was about to collect courtesy of the tax payer.

    Mercifully this is a thing of the past thanks to the vigilence of the Dame

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