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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Problem Deferred....


left: what Cllr Lightfoot, Leader in Waiting, should have said to Chelsea Care

When Sir M Cockle decides to defer things there is usually an ulterior motive. So we should all be wondering why he has decided the Chelsea Care Liquidation reports should now be discussed at Cabinet- NOT as planned for this Thursday,  BUT on 17 November. Clearly, a few flies have got into the ointment somewhere....
Could it be the District Auditor has decided to stick his nose into the ramshackle way Cockle's attempt to play the entrepreneur has gone so hideously( and expensively wrong)-for taxpayers? 

One notices, as an afterthought, that Cllr Lightfoot used to advise a bank, a Chancellor of the Exchequer and is author of a little known tome, 'We Have No More Money'. Clearly this economic brainbox was not thinking of Chelsea Care when he came up with the title. As they say, 'If you can't do it-teach it'. And he plans to become Ex disgraced Mayor, Barry Phelps was prone to say, 'you could not make it up'.....


  1. So,Dear Dame,
    what is the man's ulterior motive?
    It would seem to me that the phrase "a stitch in time…" Very much applies in this case

    (07799) 647160

  2. Retired Chief Executive19 October 2011 at 11:48

    Cockell and his Cabinet colleagues need to get their act together - starting with an independent report into the Chelsea Care mess. Suitable Terms of Reference could be:

    (i) Was the Cabinet qualified to make the judgement to set up Chelsea care?

    (ii) Who was the sponsor of the project? (this is the person who needs to be identified and fired)

    (iii) Was the opinion of officials obtained and what was their opinion? And if not, why not?

    (iv) When the first tranche of equity of £150k was approved in Sept 2008 this was to be the ceiling. What was the justification for a further tranche of £150k equity injected in Feb 2011?

    (v) Who selected the management of the company and what was the job description? And was the job description adequate?

    (vi) What were the Governance arrangements and were these adequate and appropriate?

    (vii) Was there adequate financial reporting and who was the shareholder representative? Did the shareholder representative discharge their duty adequately? (this is the second person who needs to be fired)

  3. Cllr Lightfoot is the Cabinet Member for Finance and he was the Sugar Daddy for Chelsea Care

    Always was a soft touch.....

  4. Cllr Buxton was the sponsor for Chelsea Care and Cllr Moylan was the shareholders representative on the Board

  5. Officer
    Do we know how much Moylan picked up as his fee?

  6. Kensington Council Tax Payer19 October 2011 at 12:03

    Residents cannot allow the Chelsea Care fiasco to be brushed under the carpet. Three years ago I wrote to Cllr Cockell warning against using tax payers money in the risk business:

    To: merrick cockell
    Sent: Friday, 26 September, 2008 9:59:40 AM
    Subject: Cabinet Meeting on 25th September

    Dear Cllr Cockell
    I was taken aback last night by the proposals at Cabinet.

    I am wary of setting up the Chelsea Care Trading Company. Governments long ago learnt the lesson and good sense of staying away from entrepreneurial endeavour. But I am not yet familiar with the case for Chelsea Care and so my misgivings may be misplaced.

    The proposal to take the Holland Park Opera to Richmond is another example of using tax payers money in the risk business. It is absolutely wrong. This is for entrepreneurs and the private sector. Or the Arts Council. Not the bureaucracy of local Government.


  7. I seem to rememeber that the business case for taking Holland Park Opera to Richmond was underwritten by K&C council tax payers for £80k, with a "sure fire" profit of £20k that was promised to taxpayers.

    The initiative lost £17k

  8. Was the failure of Holland Park Opera at Richmond ever discussed at Cabinet?

    Was the responsible person ever reprimanded or fired?

    There is no record in the Cabinet minutes.

    In the meantime tax payer subsidy for Holland Park Opera has climbed steadily from £100k per year in 2002 to the current £1 million per year.

    There is a recession going on Cllr Cockell and essential services to Kensington residents are being cut! We should not be indulging these fripperies

  9. Cllr Buxton and Cllr Moylan have no business experience whatsoever.

    Cllr Cockell (Cabinet Chairman) was in business as a sole trader until recently but the operation went bust. His business operated out of the basement of the Conservative Offices in Chelsea Manor Street

  10. Yes Owl at a favourable rent too. Still couldn't make a success of it.

  11. The Leader of Knsington and Chelsea runnng his private business in the Conservative Office in Chelsea!!!

    Cockell was never good at optics

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