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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

On the make !

Paperwork sent to Conservative councillor’s holiday home for £4,100

Kensington and Chelsea Council has spent thousands of pounds couriering paperwork to a Conservative Councillor’s holiday home in, erm, Thailand. The Tory-dominated council wasted £4,100 shipping materials 8,000 miles on the basis that they ”include large maps which are best looked at on paper”.
Scrapbook can’t help recounting this tale from Liberal Democrat tech guru Mark Pack, given that the man concerned is already the highest paid councillor in the country, Daniel Moylan. As regular readers may recall, Moylan became the nation’s most handsomely remunerated local politician in June after his patron Boris Johnson awarded him responsibilities which pushed his salary to a whopping £131,597.
Conservative bigwigs in the Royal Borough are no strangers to a life of over-exuberance, with first class trips to the US and decadent lunches at the Four Seasons in their taxpayer-funded repertoire. We’re all in this together, or, as they say in Thailand:


  1. There is absolutely no point in David Cameron standing up at the Conservative Conference and telling us all (again) to repay our debts, pay more tax, and buckle down because we are all in this together.

    It is hypocrytical to keep spouting this nonsense when his own politicians are ripping off taxpayers with multiple jobbing and expense fiddles. In Kensington and Chelsea we have Cllr Ritchie taking £120k plus from K&C, London Councils and the House of Lords (she exercises no management or financial responsibility) Cllr Moylan with his £132k from K&C and the GLA, Cllr Cockell with his £120k from K&C and the Local Government Association, plus his Five Star hotels in New York and dinners at the Four Seasons Restaurant for "friends" whose name he forgets. All courtesy of council tax payers.

    Time for Cameron to get a grip and stop screwing with us voters

  2. Moylan's pleasure dome in the centre of Thailand's flesh pots is a not so well kept secret.

    Of course the bus driver's son from Birmingham can do what he wants with his spare time but we tax payers hope that the financial control people at the GLA are keeping an eye on his expenses. Even though Danny's page boys in Bangkok love to rush up to him with FEDEX VIP parcels from "Bwitish Government" (and Danny gets a surge of importance) the accountants at the GLA need to accept that when he is on holiday the paperwork should wait for his return to London

  3. High Commission (Cape Town)5 October 2011 at 09:59

    Moylan in Thailand? Good grief....

  4. I would think that you could print large paper maps over the internet. 2 minutes on the web identifies large scale printers at A3(£200) and A1 at £2,000.

    How about showing some initiative?


  5. Danny is restructuring his affairs. His outer office at the GLA is staffed with the most handsome swells in the Capital. Tax payer funded.

    Bangkok layoffs may be on the cards

  6. I continue to be amazed that Cllr Cockell presented a $414 bill to London Councils to entertain his friend and fellow councillor, Cllr Ian Clement, to dinner in New York.

    What an example for a serving Chairman of London Councils to set to colleagues and employees!!

    Cockell of course is no stranger to the practice of self indulgence at the expense of the taxpayer, as widely reported in the Evening Standard and the The Mail newspapers.

    Now that he has moved on to a new trough (as Chairman of The Local Govt Association) it is to be hoped that they will monitor his tax payer funded expenses with a laser beam

  7. Monstrous

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