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Monday, 17 October 2011

Myers Rolls In It

Derek Myers is just about the highest paid Town Clerk in the UK. RBKC is the easiest to run, and richest council in the land. Yet he feels he is worth the near £280,000 a year we pay him.
When he retires he will get a lump sum of £267,000, and a pension pot(which he refuses to detail) providing c £135,000 a year.

left: no wonder he looks so happy.....a very rich fat cat Mr Myers

His wife, a senior civil servant, is more than likely to pick up a similar amount. So one can visualise something in the order of £230,000 a year swilling into the Myerss' bank account....nice work if you can get it. So one might think that with all this cash about his expenses would be rather modest.
Far from it: Credit card spending for the Rotten Borough is close to £500,000 a year. It would be nice if Mr Myers would come clean and tell us how much of this is down to him. Come on Myers: it is our money and we have a right to know.


  1. Last weekend people were demonstrating all over Europe and America about savage cutbacks in public spending and unemployment soaring upwards.

    It is an outrage that democracy has shown itself to be incapable of moderating the pay and rewards of bankers and senior Govt officials like Derek Myers - whose moral compass is transfixed on "me,me, me" and "I'm all right Jack"


  2. This is very hard to believe. I live comfortably on a fraction of the amounts quoted here

  3. Derek Myers is the new Joint Chief Executive of the merged Boroughs of K&C, Hammersmith and Westminster.

    I wonder what his new contract of employment says?

    Three Tory Boroughs, three Tory Leaders, and Eric Pickles urging a pay scale for Town Clerks of £100k.
    That should be £50k for a "joint Chief Executive".

    Watch this space......

  4. Actually, Derek Myers is the joint Chief Exec of RBKC and H&F (no Westminster) - though there seems to be less RBKC in that equation daily.

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