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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Daniel Moylan-a Health Warning

The Dame has noticed a misplaced belief that somehow, because of his bullying and dictatorial approach, Daniel Moylan might be a good chap to lead the Rotten Borough into the shiny new era of the Tri-Borough arrangement. How little do people remember of history....Fortunately, the dear old Dame does...

The other day she was with her 'walker,' Ex Worshipful Mayor Phelps, in the China Department at Peter Jones. As she looked at Sloane Square, in all it's autumnal glory, ex Cllr Phelps reminded her how close it had become to looking like Spaghetti Junction. How right he was...for it was just a few years ago that Danny Boy attempted to wreck Sloane Square, depriving the Royal Borough of an historic and iconic feature.

By good fortune Moylan's plan was halted by tens of thousands of residents. It was cripplingly expensive for residents and a constant battle against Moylan and the Council as they tried to bully and coerce residents into submission. It was the most unedifying example of a 'dirty tricks' campaign being played against taxpayers and residents.
The destruction of Sloane Square was only stopped in it's tracks when the campaigners threatened to put up their own candidates at the next election:it was then Cockell buckled and stopped the project. However, Moylan has always threatened that one day he would get his way:no surprise there. He has always sneered at resident's opinions.
The campaign was driven by a remarkable couple-the Doctors James and Margaret Thompson.
Each time we look upon Sloane Square we need to remember their brave fight against a man who gave not a toss for the views of residents. The Dame will be taking a further look at Doctor Thompson a little later.
Leopards and bullies never change their spots. Daniel Moylan comes with a huge Health Warning to residents. His interest is self interest.


  1. The guy is a thug - no question about that

  2. Might just as well give a thug a chance - nothing else has worked in Hornton Street

  3. yes, but officers and collegaues loathe the guy.Not a recipe for running any org

  4. Moylan got 50% of the votes last time he stood against Cllr Cockell. And this was after a last minute and nasty outburst of loathing by the widow of the late Kensington and Chelsea MP which shocked many councillors. But for her intervention he would have sailed home. As it was, Cockell won with the "confusion" vote.

    In the last 12 years Cockell has achieved very little. But Moylan has certainly made a difference. Not everyone agrees with him and he is impatient of fools. But he certainly made a difference

    By common consent he is difficult to work with - so what?

  5. So 19.00 tell us EXACTLY what Moylan has ACHIEVED? Exhibition Rd...a £27 million waste of our money? High St Ken? Now the retailer's nightmare ruined by his 'Birminghamisation' of once elegant street.
    What actually has he done? Tell us- we are waiting...
    He is just a loud mouthed and vulgar bully with a way with words and a very mysterious past.

  6. Suffer fools gladly...
    Anyone who treats people as he does is a f******g fool. If you knew anything about business you know you have to inspire loyalty. Moylan just inspires revulsion. And by the way who is the Iranian developer who has interesting things to say about him. And what about his friendship with the Iranian Embassy. What a hypocrite. He is Gay but greases up to the Iranians who routinely kill Gays

  7. So Daniel is super smart? Yet he got truck f****d over on Chelsea Care

  8. Moylan will divide and rule. He is incapable of leading a major organisation

  9. Daniel Moylan is the rudest man I have ever come across. He seems to believe common civility is a sign of weakness. He relishes the dislike of those he considers his intellectual and social inferiors. His open contempt for residents will eventually be his downfall.

  10. Unfortunately Hornton Street is a talking shop. It is incapable of taking decisions about anything that might be difficult. Thousands of committees talk everything to death and do nothing.

    Sometimes organisations need a battering ram to make changes.

    Moylan is the best battering ram around

  11. Moylan is the wrong sort of battering ram. In any case one needs people leading who are whiter than white.....
    What has all his 'battering' ever achieved? The answer is sweet F**k all.
    He is a liability and will give the Rotten Borough and even worse name than it has at the moment. Who are you? Is Moylan paying you....

  12. what a lovely opportunity for a "No Confidence" campaign. If you are with me, let me know

    (07799) 647160

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