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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A week is a long time at City Hall-Boris says No to London Moylan Airport

Daniel Moylan has been hard at work on a massive report telling Boss Boris we need a £40bn airport in the Thames. 
 left: Boris pushing a cheesecake into Danny's face

He even castigated ministers for ignoring his Report. He must be feeling very isolated now that the Boss has publicly distanced himself from his Orwellian vision of the future. One assumes that he had lined up his chum, Lord Rogers to design the terminals....bad luck Danny. And by the way what did your 50,000 page report cost us poor buggers? Time Johnson got a grip....


 Boris Johnson rows back from his £40bn Estuary airport

Just a few weeks ago Daniel Moylan, our £140k pa Dep Ch of TfL came out with this in The Standard....

"One of Boris Johnson's top advisers today launched a stinging attack on the Government in a bid to force them to "wake up" to the need for new airport near London.
Daniel Moylan, deputy chairman of Transport for London, has claimed that the Coalition's aviation policy is wrong and warned that London risks no longer being considered a "world city" if the need for increased air capacity in the South-East is ignored."
Mr Moylan, who has advised Mr Johnson on his project to build a floating airport in the Thames Estuary, added that the capital will become a "branch line" on the world stage and could lose jobs and foreign investment.

 Today Boss Boris casually announced to Ian Dale on a Talk Talk Programme that....

 "he is no longer committed to a Thames Estuary airport and has hinted that new high-speed rail links could now be the answer." What a volte face-and in just a week.
Any businessman taking these sorts of decisions 'on the hoof' would get the boot.



  1. Fellow Bow Grouper5 October 2011 at 14:04

    Daniel Moylon has always courted controversy and thrives on the publicity and notoriety. Good or bad stories, business or personal, it is like a drug to him. He is addicted.

    Serious organisations (eg business, the Foreign Office) cannot accomodate such people because it becomes impossible to deliver their strategies.

    But a wild dog is often useful in the political environment. A stalking horse? A smokescreen? A diversion?

    Mayor Boris Johnson is often dismissed as a buffoon. Bu those who know him have come to the view that (like cuddly Ken) he is utterly ruthless and determined.
    Moylon was recruited to be a bit player in the grand design of Boris things

  2. Very perceptive, Bow Grouper.

    Moylon is now on £160k per year from the public purse. A platform, an expense account,and lots of scope to rub people up the wrong way. And a foundation to indulge himself in the fleshpots of Bangkok.


  3. Moylan must be grinding his teeth at the report that another of his fave architects, Terry Farrell, wrote about putting Moylan's folly Kensal Crossrail station elsewhere! In Hammersmith and Fulham!

    He promised Cockle he would help deliver it to the Royal Borough, and now he's let him down.

  4. But K&C is underwriting the station 14.45! By £30 million of Council Tax

    Hornton Street has stated that Hammersmith and Fulham were NEVER CONSULTED ABOUT THE EXTENSION - and they are therefore not underwriting it.


  5. 16.51, not sure I get your drift. Why wouldn't they underwrite it if they weren't consulted?

    In any event, K&C will only LEND the cash. They expect to get every penny back, plus more, from Ballymore - and some dodgy deal for little or no social housing no doubt!

    So, once again they are gambling with y/our money.

  6. K&C is not the Ford Foundation - why are we paying for a Crossrail Station in Hammersmith?

    I will tell you why....

    Because busy bodies in Hornton Street with not enough to do (Cockell and Moylon) set about building a train set with public money, without the first understanding of business or economics, and they had to promise K&C taxpayers money because Transport For London would not pay (a daft project)

    And now the station is slipping over the border to Hammersmith!!! I hope that our pathetic Conservative Councillors in Hornton Street will ensure that Hammersmith taxpayers fund the project and not we hard pressed K&C taxpayers

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